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History 06/03/20 SS Division “Leibstandarte”: who served in the personal guard of Hitler

The guard regiment, and later of the SS division “Leibstandarte SS “Adolf Hitler”” engaged in the personal protection of the führer, were selected only the elite of German youth. At the end of the war Hitler was guarded by over 80 people.

even Looked at the teeth

History of the guard force of Adolf Hitler begins with the first half of the 20-ies, when the future führer was not yet come to power. In one of his works, Hitler wrote that after his release from Landsberg prison he formed from loyal supporters of a small security detachment. By his own admission a Nazi leader, it included the Nazis, is able to obey without question, and if necessary, willing to kill even their own brothers.
When typing in the “Leibstandarte” was strictly followed by severe racial and ideological standards, which the Nazi period. When the close protection unit was in charge of the future leader of the SS Heinrich Himmler, was marked as “templates” for candidates in this regiment: height from 1 m to 70 cm, the lack of Slavic and Asian facial features, proportionate body type. Future guard in principle had to be strong, without physical defects and possess perfect health. Before the Second world war, the “Leibstandarte” is not taken even if the candidate has had at least one sealed tooth.
Since the mid 30-ies of the requirements for the selection of the “Leibstandarte” became more stringent – the candidate should submit the special Commission documented information about your ancestors to the fifth generation (to the soldiers since the nineteenth century, for officers – 1736). If in the past you have wanted to serve in the protection of Hitler was something fishy (unwanted interracial marriages ancestors), the Germans in the “Leibstandarte” was not accepted. For the same reason excluded from the unit hiding such data or providing false information.
According to your taste guards Hitler couldn’t even choose a bride in “the Leibstandarte” demanded the archival record and its ancestors, as well as a photo of a girl in a swimsuit – if the candidate was not suitable for reasons of non-Aryan appearance, she was condemned.

Where and how taught the “asphalt soldiers”

As he writes in his book “Honor and fidelity. The “Leibstandarte”. History of the 1st SS Panzer division “Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler,” historian Wolfgang acuña, guards of Adolf Hitler taught in Lichterfelde barracks. According to the writer, the soldiers of the Wehrmacht ironically named future guards of the führer, largely recruited from the last school the Hitler youth, the “asphalt soldiers” because of their black ceremonial uniforms and excessive, in their opinion addiction to the drills practiced in the school division.
they believed in other military formations of the Third Reich, the Lichterfelde too much attention was paid to the racial purity of cadets and marching shagistiku, diminishing the value of military training. However, in the cadet school paid great attention to athletics and, in principle, the physical.

What are the objects to be protected “Leibstandarte”

the author of the book “the Third Reich” Vladimir Bulavin quotes the testimony of chief bodyguard of Hitler Hans Rattenhuber given to them in 1945, SMERSH. As told Rattenhuber, Berlin and Obersalzberg objects, where he was the Fuhrer, guarding the 81 soldiers and an SS officer from the “Leibstandarte”. In addition, Hans Rattenhuber commanded several divisions guarding high-ranking officials of the Third Reich and the two security teams carrying positions in Munich and the Bavarian residence for Hitler.

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