"Currently, I’m just not in the way that it is necessary to be able to professionally train. Now I have to just listen to my body and – as they say – the air letting him," said the 25-Year-old in a communication of the German ski Federation (DSV).

when the seven-time world champion from Garmisch-Partenkirchen back to high-performance units can complete, it cannot currently be predicted.

Thus, it is an open question whether the exception-Skijägerin for the season opener at the end of November in the Slovenian Pokljuka is at the Start or before Christmas at all world Cup races can ride.

"the Situation is absolutely counterproductive"

your immune system is, according to a statement from team doctor Klaus-Jürgen Marquardt "currently rather weak. High intensity, great volume of Training, or Stress in the present Situation, completely counterproductive."

back in July, Dahlmeier had suffered a bike accident a cut injury on the thigh. Subsequently, the two-time Olympic champion from Pyeongchang due to a wisdom tooth Operation, and shortly thereafter, due to a protracted infection shorter kick and had to. Also during the training course in the Austrian Hochfilzen, Dahlmeier had not able to complete all the units as planned.

end of career is not up for debate

"whenever I thought that now, finally, up came the next infection or some health issue. The last weeks were not easy for me," said Dahlmeier.

A premature end of career is but not "absolutely to the debate. The objective is that Laura is as soon as possible back to 100 percent healthy and powerful and then, of course, in this Winter racing, riding," said DSV spokesman Stefan Schwarzbach.

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