Update from 3. July 2019: Everything seemed to be already decided: Ante Rebic goes to Atletico Madrid and it replaces Antoine Griezmann. But now, the Spanish Top club makes for a fresh Wind to the rumors to the Croats, because: Atletico CEO Gil Marin denied in an Interview with Goal that you have ever spoken with the player or with Eintracht Frankfurt.

in order Rebic would be back in the transfer market. A Transfer to FC Bayern Munich would be in order again in the space of the possible. Coach Niko Kovac is known to be a Fan of the beefy Croats. But also a move to Atletico is possible. Everything is open again!

Ante Rebic before change: decision-making in Frankfurt-Star apparently

Update vom 30. June 2019: Bayern coach Niko Kovac will need to manage the record champion without his former player Ante Rebic. According Sky information, Rebic is a switch to Atletico Madrid. The negotiations had progressed thus far.

The Spanish club is apparently willing to pay 40 million Euro transfer fee plus bonus payments. At Atletico for the Croatian Antoine could replace Griezmann, who will leave the club, probably in the direction of Barcelona. Apparently Benfica-Talent Joao Felix is on the verge of signing the contract in Madrid. Together Rebic and Felix could soon go for the Colchoneros hunting for goals.

Update from 15. June 2019: Ante Rebic has Long been recognised as a player of Bayern coach Niko Kovac. Their time together in Frankfurt, the FCB coach what he did to the Croats-and-white. Now a parting of Rebic from Frankfurt is coming closer, apparently. According to a report by the Spanish AS Rebic would leave the Hessen club in the summer. Especially the missed Champions League qualification is cited as the reason.

Also Eintracht-head of sports, Fredi Bobic is not intended to preclude a Rebic outlet, if the right price is paid. According to the report Bobic would be at 40 million Euro weak and the Croats probably leave.

That Rebic to Bayern to come, but it is rather unlikely. Finally, the Kicker, reported that the people of Munich do not see enough technical Finesse in the case of the Croats. For Atlético to be called of the AS well Madrid and Inter Milan as potential customers.

Rebic Transfer well from the table! Therefore, the FCB is interested in the Eintracht-Star extinguished

Update vom 23. May, 14.11 PM: the Long-time Ante Rebic was considered as a possible new arrival at FC Bayern.

the Croatian kan kick he showed in the past year, as he is with two goals in the Cup final, the departure of Jupp Heynckes spoiled.

Also in the case of the 2018 world Cup Rebic showed his class and was on the side of Luka Modric and Ivan Rakitic, the Vice-champion of the world.

this class is not sufficient for a move to Bayern, now the kicker.

At the Säbener Strasse, it would have taken a distance from the personnel. Although Rebic impress stunner, especially with his physical being and his mentality, but technically, it is not sufficient for the demands of the record master.

Rebic is a Wunspieler of Kovac, despite the championship of Bayern’s criticism. The Move away from a Rebic Transfer is another indication for a Kovac-the record champion?

FC Bayern: Kovac to call Rebic again – Can enforce the coach this time?

Update from the 7. May 2019, 18.33 PM: Niko Kovac will once again be very interested to get Ante Rebic from Eintracht Frankfurt to FC Bayern Munich. After last week, a preliminary report announced this, supported now Sky is the rumor. According to information of the TV channel Kovac wants to see his former SGE-protege like at the Säbener Straße, and this is deposited again in the “entire squad planning” of FC Bayern.

last summer, Kovac should have a Rebic Transfer accelerated. At the time, he had not been, according to the TV station, but “as a coach strong enough”. He was in the end not prevail. “Now he thinks to be a bit stronger, and calls for him,” said Sky Reporter Marc behren Beck.

Rebic back on Bayern Radar: Holt Kovac Frankfurt?

Update from the 2. May 2019, 13.15 PM: Like last summer, Ante Rebic to be re-emerged on the Transfer Radar of Bayern. The kicker reports that Bayern Coach Niko Kovac was still convinced of the Frankfurter, and he treasures his force and will. Club internally will, however, doubted the technical qualities Rebics.

Kovac and Rebic have already worked with Eintracht Frankfurt and 2018, together with the DFB Cup win. The 25-Year-old could come as a reinforcement for the outside of the track, because of the great desire to Transfer to Callum Hudson-Odoi threatens for the time being, Fail to.
The Chelsea gem has suffered a ruptured Achilles tendon, and the London due to the transfer lock of the “Blues is not allowed to leave” well. Also Liverpool FC should have interest.

Further information about the possible change of tug-of Ante Rebic colleagues from fnp.de* have prepared.

Ante Rebic to FC Bayern? Frankfurt striker talks openly about a future in the Premier League

Update from 27. January 2019: a Long time it was pretty quiet to Ante Rebic. Now, however, the Daily Mail reported that the Croatian Eintracht Frankfurt will be open for a Transfer to England. The sheet of quotes the 25-Year-olds, as follows: “I can’t deny that a lot of clubs showing interest, including some from England. The Premier League is attractive and my style of play should meet. That would be worth the experience.“ With these sets of Rebic meh’d several clubs from the mother country of football on the Plan called. The release should be reduced to 40 million euros. So FC Bayern would face new competition. Also, our colleagues in Frankfurt of extratipp.com* reports about the possible Transfer: Ante Rebic in front of exchange to England?

Hübner revealed: Rebic wanted to Kovac to Bayern follow

News from 12. October:

Only at 23. September was emergence of Ante Rebic back for Eintracht Frankfurt in the Bundesliga game against RB Leipzig is a changed coach Adi Hütter him. And although he had long been missing, injured, driving the striker Eintracht-Offensive immediately. In five games he has scored three goals and prepared. With Rebic’s working again for Frankfurt – he would have joined in the summer to another club. But his desire Association with him did not want to.

Rebic, 25, wanted to namely to Bayern. The Eintracht sports Director Bruno Huebner of the “image” said: “It was in the summer certainly a dream of the Ante, to go with his foster father Niko Kovac Bayern.” Kovac and Rebic have a special relationship. According to a report from the sports picture of the Trainer, in Munich for the striker. However, the Bayern bosses have refused.

the desire of The striker of Eintracht sports Director can understand. It was finally Kovac, who tickled the Best of Rebic out. “He was the great promoter,” says Hübner: “How Ante works now backwards, what joy he has been to the front – the he has of Niko.” Also interesting: Eintracht hopes to Haller Comeback. It fr.de*

News from the 10 reported. August 10.45

The highly sought-after attacking midfielder Ante Rebic has been around for a long-term future to the Bundesliga club known Eintracht Frankfurt. The 24-year-old Croatian Vice-champion, extended his contract prematurely by 30. June 2022. The sports Board Fredi Bobic announced on Friday (All the important news to Ante Rebic and Eintracht Frankfurt, visit extratipp.com*).

“He has not shot us to victory in the DFB Cup, but also a brilliant world Cup played. There were many offers for him, and we had easily a record total revenue. For us it is a milestone to keep a player like him. This makes us very happy and proud,” said Bobic. A move to Bayern Munich should be permanently off the table – at least in this season.

the German Cup winner has Announced the change on Twitter with a Video of the Highlights of the wing Speedster.

News of 9. August, 22.07 PM

week long was a mystery, which Top European club Ante Rebic joining in. FC Bayern was always called back as a potential customer. Now could suddenly come, everything is completely different. According to the image of the Croatian attacker is said to have decided to keep the Eintracht Frankfurt Faithful. Apparently, Rebic wants to extend his contract at the Ex-club of Niko Kovac even.

News from 9. August, 11.03 PM:

“as of now, as well as Stand in the morning,” said Niko Kovac about a Transfer of Ante Rebic. The New coach of FC Bayern and the old Coach of the Croats pushed so the switch to FC Bayern in a tie. In terms of personnel, would not result in the Transfer to Bayern a little sense – not because Rebic is good enough, but because the FCB has a wide squad.

Now the Kicker reports in its Thursday edition that Frankfurt would be less benefit financially as a thought. The transfer fee would go up according to the sports magazine to 50 percent of the Fiorentina, the Ex-club of Rebic. Fredi Bobic and the managers will think twice, whether you want to get rid of the world Cup Star at all.

News from the 8. August, 7:04 PM

ever Since the lost final of the DFB-Pokal rumors of Ante Rebic tendrils, but these were after his outstanding contributions to the football world Cup, not less. Again and again it was speculated that the striker of Eintracht Frankfurt could follow Niko Kovac to Bayern. But the issue is likely to be finished with the following words of the new Bayern Coach.

“There is nothing between FC Bayern and Ante Rebic are there,” said Kovac of the sports image. “Ante is a strong personality and a great player who has developed in the last two years, in Frankfurt and at the world Cup with Croatia, super. But if you look at our squad, you can see that we have very high density of Quality on his positions. A commitment of Ante Rebic makes therefore no sense.“

To the last shred of doubt, the Coach jokingly one of his from Frankfurt, well-known phrase: “as of now, as well as the Stand tomorrow.” Also extratipp.com* in Frankfurt, reported on the statements of Niko Kovac. There’s a possible new Association of Ante Rebic.

News on 6. August, at 16:41:

After a three-week world Cup holiday Vice-champion of Ante Rebic on Monday to resume Training in the DFB Cup winners Eintracht Frankfurt recorded. First of all, the 24-year-old striker a lactate test. “I have recovered well and look forward to the guys at Concord. Now I want to get to know the new additions as quickly as possible,“ said the Croatian midfielder to the club’s own channel Eintracht-TV.

Whether Rebic goes in the future for the Concord hunting for goals, is more open. Due to the good performances at the world Cup, the Croatian for many clubs is interesting. “I’m certainly glad when I hear or read, how many great coaches and great clubs sich about me inquire. Honestly, I deserve it,” said Rebic to the Internet portal goal.com and added: “I know there are concrete offers.” For a forecast it is, however, still early, – said Rebic: “The most change will happen in the last days of the transfer window. Then my Situation will be more clear.“

News from the 2. August, at 19:39

The Croatian Vice-world champion Ante Rebic of the DFB-Cup winners Eintracht Frankfurt, according to Spanish media reports on the verge of a switch to Sevilla FC. As the radio station Onda Cero reported on Thursday, the Bundesliga and the Andalusians an agreement “very close”. As a possible transfer fee of 21 million euros in the conversation.

The 24-year-old attacking midfielder, whose contract runs out at the Hessen until 2022, had made in the summer by strong performances with the Croatian national team at the world Cup in Russia in the preliminary round, he scored 3:0 against Argentina.

News from the 2. August, at 17:05

there are rumors of a change of Ante Rebic to Bayern Munich. No wonder, finally, Niko Kovac Rebic knows from their time together in Frankfurt and holds since then a lot of his Croatian compatriot: “He’s a great player. I am pleased that he has performed at the world Cup so. He would have every team to face,” says Kovac, for example, in his presentation as a Bayern coach. The fast, finishing strong and extremely explosive offenisv force is not only flexible, but would add to the Repertoire of Bavaria is a further component.

However, the athletic floor of the record of the master stressed in unison that the cadres of the record master is also equipped without Rebic well. To reduce the size of the squad, therefore has priority. Now, Bruno Hübner, the sports Director of Eintracht Frankfurt report in the FAZ, to the word and confirms the Version of the FC Bayern: “at The Moment nothing is what we can discuss. The question will be, comes an offer for him, it is worthwhile for us to think about?“

Because the ideas of the German DFB Cup winners are clear: If the 24-Year-old to leave the club until the end of August, then an interested party must arrive with thick money suitcases. Hübner: “We have everything in our Hand and start in the first place, at a certain sum, to deal with its possible sale.” The pain threshold should lie at about 40 million euros.

News from the 30. July

‘t Get Mourinho Ante Rebic to Manchester United, although he is a desired player? As the Independent reported, to Rebic come to the Red Devils. Coach Mourinho would prefer Willian of Chelsea. However, the chances of getting Willian are so low that Rebic probably the best Alternative is still in the Dress of the Frankfurt.

to get Rebic should have a duel to Manchester United with Bayern. The British Portal reported a interest of Munich. More accurate information but will not be made.

to Ivan Perisic Mourinho is said to have a fool-eaten, however, the price for the Croats is probably much too high (approximately 90 million euros). Also, Perisic is soon 30 years old. Inter Milan will have a very high tolerance. In contrast, but should be Bale to continue talking. However, the Welshman will have a high transfer fee to. The future of the striker at Real Madrid significantly more likely to occur after both Zinedine Zidane as well as Cristiano Ronaldo have left the club. There is a lot of potential in this transfer summer is still present.

News from the 25. July:

Where it draws Ante Rebic? He goes to his old coach Niko Kovac, or, instead, to Jose Mourinho on the island? Mauricio Pochettino or Unai Emery is even an Option? In addition to the FC Bayern Munich and especially Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspur and Arsenal in London should be interested in the Croats. At the most concrete, the Red Devils seem to be. There is also anecdotal evidence that Frankfurt would be in excess of 50 million Euro to be weak. Manchester has a large transfer budget and on the market to date, “only 81 million” for Fred and Diogo Dallot issued. To be able to in the Premier League again a word to the title match, needs Mourinho is still the one or the other Superstar. According to sport Bild, the adviser of Rebic with the responsible authorities in Manchester are in contact.

Also, Bayern have already made an offer, however, sport Bild reported that the required sum should be below 50 million euros. The fact is, that the people of Munich are not risking too much, because Hoeness said recently that the squad will still be small. Should Jerome Boateng in the Champions money would be available, would need but then gain the Defensive.

News from the 20. July: consultant of Ante Rebic allegedly already in Munich

everything Goes now with the exchange of Eintracht Frankfurt’s Ante Rebic to FC Bayern Munich? As the Italian Journalist Alfredo Pedulla reported to Fali Ramadani, the adviser to the offensive man have his vacation in Milan cancelled in order to travel as quickly as possible to Germany, more precisely to Munich. Because Manchester United had got on in the transfer poker, wanted to bring the Munich-based Transfer in dry cloths, writes Pedulla on his website. As severance a sum between 40 and 50 million euros should be in the conversation. 30 per cent of which will flow according to Pedulla, however, Rebic, Ex-club AC Florence, supposed to have a stake in the event of a resale, secured.

According to the picture a little is the Info from Italy, however, is nothing to it, it was just price gouging. A Transfer of the Croats to the record master is not up for discussion. In addition, FCB Coach Niko Kovac has promised, no players from Frankfurt to Munich to nefor the promotion of SMEs. Only if the attacker would be officially ready for sale, was a transfer to FC Bayern conceivable.

News from the 16. July: Manchester United preparing to, apparently, offer for Rebic before

After the end of the world Cup, the hot Haggling to Ante Rebic starts. In spite of the missed title after the final defeat against France in Moscow, the Croat is one of the winners of the tournament. After all, he has – apart from the meaningless third group game – always in the starting eleven stood and shot, also, the 1:0 3:0 over Argentina, so to speak, was the starting shot for the famous Ride through the tournament.

Apparently, particularly Manchester United is hot on the 24-Year-old, who defeated FC Bayern in the Cup final at 3:1 with two goals almost single-handedly. As reported by the Daily Mirror, prepare the “Red Devils” make an offer about the equivalent of 50 million euros. The leaf is from England refers to non-closer-called Italian sources.

Previously, Mundo Deportivo from Spain and had discussed the interest and a transfer fee of 45 million euros brought into the conversation. Since the transfer window in England on 9. August closes, would have to go to the Deal in the next three weeks.

News from the 11. July: Mega-competition for Kovac

Ante Rebic is in the Moment where every footballer wants to be the focus of the top clubs. Reason also Niko Kovac is. The new coach of FC Bayern made him at Eintracht Frankfurt strong and led him to his personal highlight in the Cup final against Munich. But that was not the end of Rebics flag pole. At the world Cup, the midfielder of the Frankfurt stronger than ever. Rebic has attracted interests in the whole of Europe!

For Kovac, could make the Croats in Bavaria to the absolute Superstar, there are good or bad Mega-competition in the Transfer Poker. How sport Bild reported, Manchester United, FC Arsenal and FC Liverpool are also interested. From the SSC Napoli and Tottenham Hotspur, the speech is longer. A farewell from Eintracht Frankfurt is so safe? “So far, no deals available. We plan to feast with Ante Rebic for the new season,“ said Bobic recently.

But what is, can and will be expected to – especially if Rebic is convinced at one of the next two world Cup games. Also Ivica Olic, who is Co-coach of the Croatian national team, has a clear opinion on the future of the 24. “Ante is one for Bayern. He could now learn from a player like Ribery and him in a year’s time replace it. He is ready for a big club. Ante is one of the fastest players in our national team,“ said Olic. But what the Transfer might fail? According to rumors, the release is in excess of 50 million euros. Questionable whether the people of Munich want to pay as much.

News from the 10. July: “a lot can can happen when a big club signs in the interest of”

Ante Rebic is, at the latest, after his double for Eintracht Frankfurt in the DFB-Cup final against FC Bayern (3:1) the football Fans in Germany. Thanks to his performances in the Croatian national team at the world Cup but the 24-Year-old moves into the international spotlight. Now, Boss Fredi Bobic with Sport1 language-Eintracht-about the benefits of Rebic.

“I am very pleased with the success of Ante Rebic with the Croatian national team,” explained Bobic. “The team and coaching staff with a look in the Frankfurt training camps in the USA world Cup games and cheer, of course, particularly with Ante. We are according to our test game against Salt Lake City on Wednesday, all together, the thumb for the Ante in the upcoming world Cup semi-final press, of course.“

That Rebic, who is also associated with the FC Bayern in combination, is likely to arouse also the interest of other clubs, is Bobic clear. “First of all, it makes me very happy that a player from Eintracht Frankfurt plays successfully at the world Cup,” the 46-Year-old. “It is completely normal that the interest in a player grows up with these qualities. So far, no deals available. We plan to feast with Ante Rebic for the new season. Ante has a long-term contract at Eintracht Frankfurt until 2022. Of course, we are aware that there is always a lot that can happen when a big club signs in interest. We are not able to economically compete with the Big time, but that’s nothing New.“

Means: In the case of a suitable offer Eintracht Frankfurt would be willing to probably trial.

News on 6. July: So much can be inferred from the Croatian world Cup Hero

On Saturday expressed Ante Rebic is fighting with the Croatian national team at the world Cup to the round of the last Four. “Team Hrvatska” hits in the quarter-finals to hosts Russia. Rebic, currently has been at Eintracht Frankfurt, under the contract, at the prestigious Nations tournament, already for powerful sensation. In the preliminary round of the 24-Year-old Croatian scored the important opening goal against Lionel Messi’s Argentina.

has expressed At a press conference on Thursday, Rebic to the alleged interest of FC Bayern. “I have worked with Niko Kovac in several years. I would say that it was a very successful time,“ the offensive man a lot of speaking on the record. Bavaria’s New Coach, tamed the complicated existing types Rebic during his term in office on Main. A clear denial sounds different.

the details of the contract, the beefy striker did not want to think about currently, but still. With Croatia, Rebic has a lot of things. “At the Moment, only the world Cup counts for me,” said the 24-Year-old.

News from the 28. June: Grab an English club, the Concord Cup heroes?

Ante Rebic rocks mit the Croatian national team to the world Cup in Russia. However, world Cup, other clubs are not only for his performances at the football on the offensive man of Eintracht Frankfurt’s attention.

Having recently been an interest of FC Bayern was picked up, is now also an English club in the 24-Year-olds to be interested. According to the Mirror, the Everton FC has stretched out his sensor according to Rebic.

would not, However, a Transfer to the local rivals of FC Liverpool very cheap. At least 30 million would be the cost of Rebic well. Maybe Eintracht Frankfurt would exclaim to the good performance of the Croatians in the world Cup, even for a higher price.

the first message from the 23. May

Munich – Eintracht Frankfurt has spoiled the FC Bayern München the season completing belonging. Instead of the planned Double Celebration in Munich’s city hall balcony the Reds were left with only a single title. To little, the Bavarian self-understanding.

especially for the outgoing coaching legend Jupp Heynckes a lot of FCB Fans would have the DFB-Cup as a farewell gift desired – just because it didn’t work out in the Champions League against Real Madrid, once again in a most unfortunate way. But one of them had the Special something for the success in Munich: Ante Rebic. The Eintracht attacker left the defense of the champion look old and met twice.

Rebic: “It is hard for such a big club like Bayern to resist,

the Croat, which departs in June for the world Cup to Russia has heated up, with some of the statements Transfer speculation: “now, Niko Kovac and I, this has always fit in well,” said Rebic to goal.com. “It’s fun to work with him. He will go to Bayern and we will see what will bring the season.“

That is outside of player a Coach gets on well with the future Bayern, is no secret. It was obvious also that the presumption, Rebic could move to the record champion: “I don’t even think about a Transfer. I want to have a rest at the Moment, only well, the season was long and hard. Bayern? Everyone knows, it is hard to such a big club like Bayern to resist.“

Rebic to Bayern? Great competition on the Offensive

This statement is significant. Although Rebic is not concerned at the Moment with a Transfer, a denial sounds different. With nine goals and three assists in the last season, the Offensive man proved his qualities. If the national players, however, is already far enough, in order to strengthen the FC Bayern on the outside of the items is open. If there is a Trainer for such a step is likely to be optimally suited, then, Niko Kovac. This could support his protégé accordingly.

On the outer positions of the great break is in the Red at the very latest, next season. But the two Old Stars Franck Ribéry and Arjen Robben extended recently their contracts with Serge Gnabry, who returns from his loan at TSG 1899 Hoffenheim back and Kingsley Coman are two Mega-talents in the wings. If Rebic wants to expose himself to this competition, it remains to be seen.

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