Amsterdam (Reuters) – a year and a Half for months pondered for Arjen Robben, he heard in his body, and ranked with the “most difficult decision” of his career.

A, in the “hearts and minds” against each other fought, and in the end the head won: After nearly two decades as a professional footballer, over half of the record-breaking Champions Bayern Munich, the 35-year-old offensive star on Thursday the final point in his very successful career.

“The love for the game and the Belief that you can still everything, to the reality that not everything goes the way you want, and you are no longer the 16-year-old Boy who has no idea what it means to be a violation,” wrote seals in an emotional personal statement: “I am fit and healthy, and as a friend of many other sports, I want to keep on that in future. I definitely hear, but that is a good thing.”

project Robben’s contract with Bayern expired in June. At the conclusion he had been able to in the past may, after many injuries, with the record of the master of the Double celebration – with a special highlight. In the last League game coach Niko Kovac complied with the request, after the big farewell from the Allianz Arena. Full seals pumped with adrenaline, scored his Bundesliga goal number 99, a lot of Fans in the stands had tears in their eyes.

Together with his French teammate Franck Ribéry Robben had marked an Era. “The best Bayern counterpart, I can imagine,” wrote Ribéry and thanked everyone in four languages in seals. The two outside players, called Robbéry, won in 2013 include the Triple of Cup, championship and Champions League title.

“leaves A Great football stage,” tweeted his Ex-team-mate Thomas Müller: “Thank you for all the fantastic moments and games in the past few years. All the best for the future, my friend.”

Robben wrote that it was “too early to detail my whole career to look back, but for now, outweigh the Pride and gratitude”. In Germany, the father in the family had celebrated eight Championships and five Cup victories. National title he won in England with Chelsea FC, in Spain with Real Madrid and the beginning of his career in his homeland with PSV Eindhoven. After the Triumph in the Premier class seals crowned with Munich in addition to the Club champion of the world.

“I want everybody from the bottom of my heart thank who has contributed to this,” wrote seals: “to Everyone who has supported me all these years and me has shaped the footballer and the Person I am today.” Bayern thanked him for “everything” and “one of the greatest careers” in the world of football. “It was an honor to play with You and to celebrate the great titles with You,” wrote Jerome Boateng on Twitter.

His career as a national player had seals already finished playing by the end of 2017, according to 96 countries. “Maybe it’s a cliché, but there really is nothing Better than for his country to play,” wrote seals in his native language. The Dutch Association KNVB, congratulated his former star player to a “fantastic” career.

“I’ve lived for 19 years for my passion and tried to make the Maximum out of. This requires a specific setting and not actually cost a lot of energy, especially if it goes the way you want. (…) I am looking forward to spend more time with my wife and my children, for all the beauty that still lies ahead of us.”

Bayern President Uli Hoeness had Robben as well as Ribery “in the Phalanx of the Big” to Beckenbauer, Muller, Matthaus, or Kahn classified. Ribéry wants to play more, but it still has no club.

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