Aurora Nacarino-Brabo, Madrid (spain, 32 years old) is the head of the list of Citizens in Burgos, where the party Albert Rivera received a 20% of the vote (the national average was 16%).

Question. When many candidates have that are of a certain party claim family roots. What do you make of the new policy?

Response. I come from a family of center-left politics has always been very present. My parents had a militant of the PSOE already in hiding. But I belong to a generation that came out of the labour market in the most hard of the crisis, and saw that the PSOE had no proposals of that reclamábamos young people that we thought of ourselves as social democrats or social-liberals, for example, the single contract. If we join the connivance of the PSOE with the rise of nationalism, incompatible with the values left, such as solidarity or equality, and its policy of regeneration, which is similar to that of the PP, because I find myself with a party, Citizens, which seems much more to the site in which I want to be.

Q. what Are you, the social democrats, an endangered species in Citizens?


Rivera, willing to negotiate Budgets with Sanchez from the opposition Rivera defends the “right” of gays to have children by surrogacy

A. No. Here there are people very diverse, also ideologically. There are social democrats in more traditional, social democrats, christians, liberals,… That enriches a project. You share experiences and opinions with people that do not think like you, and that you move away from the sectarianism, which is the main disease that we have in Spanish politics.

Q. do Not have been noticeably lame on the left?

A. Is the party strategy in each moment and the normative, and the normative has not changed. You can call democrats to the values of the party, although it is a label most of the TWENTIETH century, or liberal-progressive, although I do not see differences between the two. And those values remain.

Q. Who lost the debate?

A. Pedro Sanchez, without a doubt. I saw more twisted, making faces, and without knowing how to defend against the attacks. It seemed to Me that there were two parties, old, PP and PSOE, with the tackle-to-head to see who has done worst when it has ruled. And two new parties, Vox, and we Can, fighting for the Civil War. In the middle, and Rivera trying to return the discussion to the TWENTY-first century.

Q. is no longer the Sanchez with which they came to an agreement in 2016?

A. This explained so well the vice-president Carmen Calvo. There is a Pedro Sánchez candidate that is not the same Pedro Sanchez chairman, and is a perfect definition. Aren’t they the same person? It’s not. Said Heraclitus that no one bathes twice in the same river; I would add that one does not close the hand two times to the same lord Sanchez. Do not believe in anything, only in the power, not even for his party, but for himself. His unique project is to him.

Q. With the folios, graphics, and clipping that takes Rivera to the lectern, do not missed one desmontase any lie Abascal?

A. you Never know what is the best strategy. Is it better to make case, make case? Do you give them attention, don’t give it to them? It is difficult to.

Q. do You like the new Married?

A. it Is curious, huh? We are accused of vanes and Married “new Married”. Who is Paul Married? What in April was competing to be more right-wing that Santiago Abascal or the one that is now being presented as a lord of moderate and centrist? That confuses the voter.

Q. But she is doing well in the polls. And to you, that you have rotated to the right, worse.

A. Well, we are not a party of the right. The strategies are elastic up to a certain point, there is an anchor of values behind. I don’t know whether to give more or less votes, but the centre, of what liberal and progressive, we’re not going to move.

Q. do Not ever thought of, watching the polls these days: “To be able to govern, to this?”

A. Us, in the moment in which Pedro Sanchez was cast into the mount with the votes of CKD, or Bildu, we say: “the lord can not go to any site”. If that was the reason why he got kicked out of his own party! It is not the right person to defend the interests of all spaniards; it is what we thought and what we think.

Q. just A curiosity: do you know Luke? [The dog that Rivera presented as a secret weapon to win the debate].

A. No. I have a bitch that’s cool a lot more than Luke. It’s called Angie. A doberwoman that we adopted almost five years ago. And as is the German race, because look: Angela.


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