Every motorist knows the feeling: As the “front” squeaks and rattles a bit, or the Warnlämpchen start to glow. You drive in the garage and the mechanic makes an anxious face. You don’t understand anything, only one thing is clear: The is now expensive.

here it is again: The feeling to be delivered. A certain amount of vulnerability, because you do not understand what the mechanic is doing.

If you do not want to make itself the professional up, what else is there, as a relationship of trust and confidence to the workshop. Only to what?

workshop-Council of the professional woman

free workshops worse than the contract workshops with their Showrooms and glass palaces? “Lump, the question can not be answered,” says Annette Bender Napp, workshop expert at Germany’s most prestigious car magazine “auto motor und sport”.

“Everyone has different expectations of his workshop. Some people, in a large, bright building, be received, and courteous to, others, by contrast, it is sufficient to know that the mechanic knows his craft.”

in fact, some customers do not feel in a large workshop with a waiting lounge, and Italian coffee, others think suspicious – but wrongly – that they may co-Finance all the effort in the end. Some of the calms, the quality assurance of large corporations. However, you can be annoyed, if, after a simple Service the quality assurance from Ingolstadt to call twice and in detail to verify whether the workshop has done everything right.

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Gernot Kramper

glass palaces is not a guarantee of quality

Annette Bender-Napp know that great glass palaces are no guarantee of quality. “The Exterior of a garage is rarely an indication of its competence. Also, the term “contract workshop” (a specific brand) is no guarantee for a good workshop, and we had to take our Tests again and again.”

of Course, a workshop should not be dirty really. But in smaller workshops, it is not cleaned up often, as in the large plants of a plant branch. This one speaks but also a master, creating even Hand, and not with a customer representative, with a white shirt and tie.

tips from well-Known and reviews study

The tip of the Bender-Napp: “Who is looking for a new workshop, ask the best in the known circuit according to experience. In principle, it is also never wrong, just in the shop to stop by and to discuss questions directly and personally.” Reviews in the Internet can also help, especially if there are many entries. A few positive entries can be derived easily from the Known to the owner. Vice-versa, can also pull a few disgruntled a whole workshop down.

what is Important is the gut feeling. If you feel unwell, you should search for a different workshop. Car repair is a matter of trust and with a bad feeling which can not build up.

To apply the standard rules: “If you bring the vehicle in for repair or inspection, should take place in a so-called direct reception. Say, if you look at the car together with an employee of the workshop, to the extent of the repair, and open questions to discuss.”

there is No order without an estimate of the cost

caution in the Blank contracts, such as the “inspection ready” and verbal agreements. “Only a written estimate of the cost is security. Before additional Work, the workshop should then hold a consultation, the man agreed to the best in the delivery of the car.”

When you pick up all the Work and the invoice must be declared. After an inspection, it should be given in addition to the maintenance list to see what Work has been carried out.

Especially in the case of inspections, it is like cheating, as Test have shown. The workshops carry out the necessary Service Work, such as the exchange of air filters and Oils, but at the security check of lamps and the Like is saved. This is not done, but the time values are to be found still on the bill.

Good cheap

One thing you should keep in mind: A good workshop is not necessarily a cheap workshop. A contract, and also many free workshops repairs and maintenance-carry out workshop strictly according to manufacturer’s specifications – this then also means that expensive original used parts. At the end of the life cycle of a car, it can be worthwhile but quite, far cheaper sources of Dodge: Instead of the replacement part in its Original carton, it may be an identical part directly from the suppliers or even the Alternative of a third-party manufacturer.

If, for reasons of cost is important to you, stay only free workshops. But you must expect to forgo the warranty, if you want to use other than the use of original parts.

also, remember that your workshop is for any car frustration responsible. The question of whether an expensive repair is worth it for an old car, no one can answer for sure. Even if the vehicle still has substance, it can happen to you that you can in a month, the turbocharger repair and the next time the alternator fails.


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