Bastrykin was transferred to the Central office of the insurance business on road accident near Pskov

Photos: fku uprdor “North-West”

the Chairman of the investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin was transferred to the Central apparatus of the Ministry criminal case on the fact of the accident near Pskov, which killed eight citizens of Ukraine. About it reports a press-service SK of the Russian Federation.

the accident involving a van and a truck occurred on the 475-kilometer of Federal road R-23 in the village of Rudo Pustoshkinsky district. In addition to the eight dead, two more people were hospitalized in moderate condition. Citizens of Ukraine and Belarus.

the head of the district Svetlana Vasilkova suggested that the driver fell asleep at the wheel. However, while the causes of the accident is unknown, she said.

Another accident happened in Tambov region on 499-m kilometre of highway R-22 from Moscow to Volgograd. There has faced cargo “the Gazelle” and the truck first then caught fire. Six people were killed, children among them.

According to preliminary version, the driver “gazelles” has left on an oncoming lane. GSU SK the Russian Federation across the region organized a pre-investigation check.

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