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Heroes 19/03/20 Bateau Desiderium: the “battle of the Buryats” in the Georgian-Ossetian war shocked the foreign media

In the period of the military conflict between Georgia and South Ossetia in 2008 there were many examples of the bravery of the soldiers of the Russian army. The Western media rarely laudatory articles in our direction, but one of the cases they described in great detail. It was 8 August when one soldier was able to stop a column of armed Georgians.

the conflict

71st infantry regiment were standing at the checkpoint between Gori to Tskhinvali. The Georgian military had intended to attack the capital of the unrecognized Republic, having before it a series of setbacks. Suddenly when we moved across post, put up Russian reinforcements Ossetia. Him towards the car loaded with ammunition and a whole group of soldiers left alone scout Bateau. Throwing on the shoulder the gun and pointing the barrel at the intruders, he simply sent them to hell.

In the confusion Georgians didn’t know how to be. They started negotiating, trying to remove stubborn Buryat way. The same tried and representatives of the foreign press, who was driving the truck. But success is not led, so the cars remained nothing how to retire. Since the delay gave time to wait for reinforcements in the form of tanks T-62 and T-72. This exploit became widely known around the world. Headlines wrote: “Russian 300 is not necessary enough for one”, which means “Russian and three hundred is not necessary, enough one.” Great fame also got the spread all the Newspapers, where a Russian soldier stops one military convoy.

Echoes of war

the President was even asked to reward the brave the title of hero of Russia. But if that happens, then the award will find hero after his death. The average Desiderii died after a few days in South Ossetia, participating in the prevention of the next conflict.

At eachOh parties their vision of the war of 08.08.08 — the Georgians consider it to be a return to constitutional order, Ossetia genocide, and Russia, the restoration of the Georgian world. One thing is clear — we did not leave the brotherly people towards independence. During a difficult period in the history of the Russian soldiers showed not only military power but also the power of the spirit, which often depends on the outcome of a military clash.

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