Leo Sadecki: the wounded officer of the red army surprised the psychologists

Biography 20/03/20 Leo Sadecki and Alexander Lorelei Zasetsky: the wounded officer of the red army surprised the psychologists

In the twentieth century, after each war, researchers studying the brain, new clinical data. One of the most amazing in the history of science cases occurred c Lieutenant of the red army the Lion Zasetsky, who received a terrible wound in the head.


In 1943, designed in California, platoon commander flamethrower Lev Sasacom was the 24th year. On March 2, during the attack at Vyazma his head was hit by a German shrapnel bullet, shot into the skull hole area of 16 square centimeters. Was damage to the left parieto-occipital region of the brain. In fact, Zasetsky lost quarters of the contents of the skull. He has long been in a coma, and when he regained consciousness, the first was like a newborn. He had to relearn how to talk. Wounded soldier forgotten how to read and write, to forget what he was in life. He did not always understand the causal relationships between facts. However, Lev has kept the will, the personality, and are fully aware of the terrible changes in him.


fortunately for Zameckeho, it drew the attention of the famous Soviet psychologist Alexander Luria, who in the war years he worked at the Institute of neurology. At that time it was the leading neurosurgical rehabilitation hospital of several “branches”. Here co all fronts were brought fighters c brain injuries.
“In my office in the rehabilitation hospital, came a young man, almost a boy, c embarrassed smile, he looked at me, somewhat awkwardly bowed his head, so better to see me; later I learned that the right side of vision had he to consider something, he had to turn, using his intact left half,” wrote Luria’s book, “Lost andizvrashennye world”, devoted to the case of Zameckeho.
the Professor helped the injured Lieutenant to learn reading and writing, but both are still given Sasacom extremely difficult. To build a phrase for him was a painful affair. Literally every word sick for a long time remembered, trying not to miss the point.

Diary of Zameckeho

Due to a rare persistence of the lion of Zameckeho who wanted to overcome his disease, the world science enriched with a unique document. During the many years of postwar life, the veteran kept a diary, recording a maximum for the day. To 1970-m to years I have accumulated three thousand notebook pages on which Zasetsky outlined the memories flashed before him in an incoherent order. Additionally, a wounded Lieutenant was watching his condition. He was constantly troubled by it – in reality or in the dream is his life. A line diary shrill sound:
“Why didn’t my memory, why is not returned vision, why always make noise, have a headache, why I nedelescu, misunderstood speech a human right?” – lamented Zasetskiy.
the Soldier returned home to his mother and sisters, but it was hard for him to do even the simplest chores around the house, since he was messing in the space.
“After the injury I have no idea of the essence of space, I don’t understand the space, afraid of him. And even when I’m sitting at the table and see surrounding objects, then for some reason I’m afraid to touch them,” admitted the author of the diary.
Although the red army was not fully healed from the illness, his case has provided much new data to psychology and neurology. First of all his life has shown that the human brain is able to restore the lost connection, though not completely. Based on the work of c Zameckem Alexander Luria developed a rehabilitation program to other patients with head injuries.
“the red army Officer lion Zasetsky showed the possibilities and limits of brain plasticity,” said British author of popular science books Jon Turney.
Receivingworld famous patient survived and made friends with him Professor Luria. Disabled veteran 2-nd group Lev Zasetsky died in Sochi in 1993. In 2015 the city opened a memorial plaque in his honor. Handwritten diary of Zameckeho now kept in the archive of the Psychological Institute.

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