Wolfratshausen – mid-December, the 56-year-old Wacker Berger to leave his beloved car, a Kfz-Werkstätte decided. In Düsseldorf, the workshop should restore the classic car.

last Monday, a reached the Wacker Berger anything other than good news: in addition to the Original engine and transmission are gone, according to police parts of the Seating system. The value of this vehicle, parts alone is estimated at around 50,000 Euro.

The value of the loss of the expensive vehicle is due to the missing parts, however, many times over. The Wolfratshauser police inspection of the incident was recorded and now for the further investigation after the North Rhine-Westphalia redirected.


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man (77) tries to to fight a burning house with a fire-extinguisher

A row of house stood on Thursday morning in Neufahrn in flames. A brave neighbor (77) climbed over his balcony to the balcony of the burning house and tried to extinguish the fire. Now he is in the hospital.


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