Became known the most vulnerable to coronavirus animal

Photos: Moscow 24/Anton Velikzhanin

Scientists have conducted an experiment that showed that the most vulnerable to coronavirus animals are cats, according to the portal bioRxiv.

In the study, experts infected with coronavirus different animals. Among them were ducks, pigs, ferrets, cats, chicken and dogs.

Subsequently, scientists observed the health status and distribution of COVID-19 among the subjects. The experiment showed that the soonest infected with the coronavirus was a group of ferrets. At the same time, the infection had no effect on their condition.

the Most vulnerable COVID-19 turned out to be cats. They observed pronounced symptoms of diseases due to the infection. In addition, most of the cats were dead, and among kittens, the mortality rate was almost one hundred percent.

Earlier, doctor of biological Sciences Elena Yarygina warned about the dangers to animals when their lease. She stressed that this causes Pets to stress condition. She urged people not to resort to letting Pets in the lease, because the mode of isolation allows for walking with Pets.

in addition, the head of the laboratory of genomic engineering MIPT Pavel Volchkov said that the coronavirus can be transmitted from human to animal. At the same time, the Director of the Federal research centre of Virology and Microbiology R & d Denis Kolbasov called that statement presumptuous.

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