Called risk groups for infection with viruses from birds

Image: portal of the mayor and government of Moscow Maxim Denisov

it Became known how the virus is transmitted from birds to humans. Ornithologist Igor Karyakin told what groups at risk exist on the infection of the birds and who they involve.

According to the expert of the world Fund of the wild nature, to the human population of infection can only come when a concentrated contact.

“risk is a massive bird farmsteads, and the second is the hunters who killed thousands of ducks and geese, then dumped the bodies in the truck with them arm in arm going to his home”, – quotes RIA Novosti words of the expert.

Karyakin added that cases of transfer of avian influenza to people is possible. He noted that this was recorded in Asia. Then the outbreak was quickly contained and eradicated, and after the virus has lost pathogenic properties in the human environment.

the Second flash as at the moment, also ended. From it, several people died, but the virus was not able to take root in the human population. According to the ornithologist, the following strain of such infections can trigger the outbreak.

“While this is a local outbreak. The virus is not able to go all the way in the human population to a full pathogen, like COVID-19”, – concluded the expert.

In February, outbreaks of highly pathogenic avian influenza have been recorded in Saudi Arabia and Vietnam. Of the total population of 25 thousand birds fell from the disease, even more than 385 thousand were slaughtered.

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