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Beekeeper Daniel gets a basket from Mandy

April 19, 2024 – 10:18 pm

Mandy doesn’t want competition

Beekeeper Daniel (22) wanted to get to know women personally at “Bauer sucht Frau International” before he invited them to New Zealand. Daniel cannot take all the candidates with him, but 2 should be. With Mandy it had sparked a bit on the single date, so the 21-year-old is at the top of his wish list. But then the surprise: she doesn’t want to! Mandy doesn’t want to be “the third wheel on the car” and declines Daniel’s invitation. In the video you can see who Daniel takes to New Zealand instead and how the competitors react to the decision.

Mandy’s cancellation shakes things up

After getting to know all 5 women in a personal conversation, the decision for “Bauer sucht Frau International” candidate Daniel is clear: Mandy and Katja should visit him for a week on his farm in New Zealand. But Mandy declines – she wants to be the only one: “I’m not that competitive type myself … I would rather enjoy the time as a couple.” Daniel has to reschedule, because he definitely wants two court ladies. And he also finds it – as we show in the video.

The video highlights for “Bauer sucht Frau International”

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