Anna Wintour is regarded as the most influential and at the same time most feared Person in the world of fashion. What she says is law. The book “The devil wears Prada” by Lauren Weisberger and the eponymous Film, with Meryl Streep based on the stories that should have seen an Ex-collaborator of “Vogue”-Boss with Wintour.

Anna Wintour admires Angela Merkel for your style

In a recent Interview with the German “Zeit-Magazin” falls to the British, now is your verdict on the Outfits of the German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Especially Merkel’s pantsuits of the 69 like-Year-olds how to read in the magazine. “You are very authentic,” says Wintour. “I’m glad she has such a recognisable style.” Also Wintour even has a recognizable style. Since time immemorial, the editor-in-chief is wearing her hair in a short Bob, paired often with a dark, large sunglasses. Usually, she wears patterns and colors, the colors of Black and grey you will like, meanwhile, is not particularly.

Merkel have that effect on you “as someone that knows who she is,” says Anna Wintour. “I don’t have the impression that you tried to pretend – I admire you for it.”

A special friendship, “My fairy dust”: Claudia Schiffer adopted with moving words of Karl Lagerfeld Karl Lagerfeld is a “true and loyal friend”

was In “time magazine” said the Briton, moreover, about the late Designer Karl Lagerfeld. The native of Hamburg was a “true and loyal friend”. His creations have worn them at the most important events in your life. “At my wedding, at the weddings of my children, when I was knighted by the Queen for the lady”, revealed Wintour.

“If I wore his clothes, I had the feeling to be close to him, as if they would protect me in these special moments, like a friend. Now that he is gone, it helps me to know that I’m going to find him there still,” she says.

source: “time magazine”



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