rose, As the European court of justice (ECJ) recently, the working hours for duty, was an Outcry by the corporate world. “The judgment is a time travel into the past”, stated the Association of family entrepreneurs. “We employers are opposed to the General re-introduction of the time clock in the 21st century. Century”, according to the Confederation of German employers ‘ associations. And the employers ‘ Association criticized total metal: “With today’s verdict and the resulting recording duty of the trust-based working hours, for example, is practically dead.”

the Young companies have turned to the clock. The düsseldorf-based telecommunications company Sipgate introduced already in 2007 – three years after its inception, the time clock again. Overtime hours are not seen in the small company with 170 employees. “It’s not about Monitoring, but about self-control,” explains a spokeswoman. The fixed celebration evening will take a lot of social pressure. Who pushes however, Overtime, will be reminded by the System automatically because the to reduce also.

experimentation, it Is time for the Three-day weekend?

burdened by The 40-hour week, Overtime is yet to come. And the Mails will be answered on the night. The world of work has changed, and everywhere in the world there are Attempts to reduce the working time. We are ready for the Three-day weekend?

Katharina Grimm, “I don’t want people to serve their time,”

Let the Rhine goose, head of a Bielefeld-based digital Agency, went even further. As he start of 2017, Digital enabler, he introduced the Five-hours-day – out experience: “I have to say a lot of people fall in this Agency business,” he said. “Eight-hour-day are in knowledge jobs, but no more than two, three Times a week is really possible,” he says and pushes afterwards: “I’m a pragmatist – I don’t want people to serve their time, although they are no longer able to or with your daily goals done.”

He cut the working hours to five hours at full pay and full vacation entitlement. Week goals need to be achieved. In order to create the work, they will attempt to avoid any distraction. “In five hours you don’t have a buffer,” says Rhine goose. “My people are meeting now after the working day to 13 PM for a shared lunch, out of the Social catching up to do.”

way to work With these eight tips on the way to and from work for commuters for pleasure

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But he also admits: “some of the 5-hour day works better, for some worse.” In areas where the work is poorly planned as the project work, would his people, of course, more problems to be ready for lunch. The free time can do but a lot more room for creativity, Rhine goose’ experience. “I have found that people go to 13.00 without a brilliant idea and then the next day, with the best idea to come back.”

work-at-home accidents in the home office: it Is an accident at work, if I fall down the stairs? 5-Hour Workday?

Frank Brenscheidt of the Federal Institute for work protection and work medicine sees the Five-hour working day is critical: “there must come inevitably to intensification of Work and the workers take a large package to take home – how can I organize my work and optimize the I can do it in 5 hours,” he says. “Which you can then switch off the worse and recover.” He admits, however, that With the length of the working time the performance take. One reason, Brenscheidt, why the Eight-hour day was introduced.

all the people do not yearn for freedom. Some want the structure of fixed working hours, such as in the case of the Outdoor supplier Vaude detected. As a company heiress, Antje von Dewitz took over ten years ago, the rudder started to be, the time clock should be abolished and trust-based working hours and to introduce. “We have changed step by step, against great odds,” says personnel Director Miriam Schilling. “The people from the security: you need to ask yourself, have I done enough and take responsibility.” This is not for everyone. But also the executives will take their toll. You would have to not only trust, but then again due to grasping. Schilling himself had to admonish an employee, which regularly worked to much.

, New Jobs, Stress, and Work-Life Balance: How can we, in the future,

will work The world of work is facing a profound change. Jobs disappear, employees will be replaced by machines. A strict separation between work and leisure no longer exists. The career portal Xing in great demand in a large study, how the work will change.

benefits of trust-based working hours

While studies show a positive impact of trust-based working hours. Who can have an influence on working hours and place of work, is generally satisfied with his work, writes Yvonne Lott of the Union-affiliated Hans-Böckler-Foundation in an essay. Trust-based working hours alone is not the solution. “If there is only a performance-oriented Management strategy is behind it, causes the opposite,” she says. That trust-based working hours and working hours, exclude version, as many fear, according to the ECJ-judgment, believes them to be a fallacy. “Only in this way one also has the control over his hours.”

Should be implemented the judgment of the ECJ, it would mean in Vaude again a big break. Because the working time will not recorded Yes only, says shilling. Managers and the HR Department would also have to re-check that everything in the legal framework. Whether this is good, questioning the shilling. “This is contrary to the Trend, and the culture we have,” she says.



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