a Few years ago, scientists at Oxford University tested samples of currency to determine who “lives”. The most populous bill in the world were the Chinese denominations of 100 yuan to her home to 180 thousand bacteria. Among European currencies infected with the most recognized Danish Krone – the population is 40 thousand bacteria. The Russian ruble has gone far on ruble bills settled about 30 thousand bacteria. Microbiologists find on the bills as much as a hotbed Zatvornik microorganisms: Escherichia coli, mold, Staphylococcus aureus, the causative agents of tuberculosis, typhoid, sexually transmitted diseases. Washing hands helps to not get these diseases, but the flu virus is more difficult. Scientists from the Geneva virus center found that flu virus on the bill at room temperature is able to maintain its amazing properties within two weeks.

Coronavirus is tough. Rospotrebnadzor has officially stated that using cash, the disease can become infected. Plastic cards are also not so harmless. Of course, they are usually only in the hands, but touching with card readers and wallets also collect thousands of bacteria. Plus we don’t know who we were introduced to the pin on the ATM. However, in Rospotrebnadzore called the most secure method of payment – contactless payments.

Realizing the danger of cash, the Central Bank asked banks to limit their results in the ATMs. The regulator has recommended credit institutions to abandon the recirculation of banknotes in ATMs. Recycling is the issuance of the customer bills that have made another customer. As explained in the TSB, the design of ATMs with recycling provides the closed cycle of circulation of cash in them, that is, the banknotes inside are not processed antiseptic. The Bank of Russia advised banks when working with clients to draw their attention to priority use of non-cash forms of payment for goods and services: online transfers and contactless payment cards. To forgo the use of cash is not uscheRB your convenience lots of ways. Large banks have long offered customers digital services, mobile banks, service, PayPass and NFC technology, when the card is linked to your smartphone and you can pay by applying it or even contactless.

it is not Surprising that coronavirus raged in China, where were the dirty money. In banks it is also paid attention.

“the Chinese experience has shown that a great danger for the spread of the coronavirus is the use of cash paper money,” – said the head of Sberbank German Gref and urged less use of cash for the sake of security.

“In the context of pandemic cash become biological weapons of mass destruction. So the warning of the CPS about the danger of paper money, the restrictive measures of the Central Bank according to their turnover in ATMs make its important contribution to the fight against the epidemic,” agrees chief analyst at Teletrade mark Goikhman.

the World began to abandon the cash long before the spread of the coronavirus. The reasons are economic. The reduction of cash turnover protects banks from robberies, stopping drug trafficking, corruption, terrorist financing. Major breakthroughs in non-cash reached Europe. For example, in Sweden it got off the printing press in the country, even the Church accept non-cash payments. The world is a well-established trend of increasing the share of cashless payments. And Russia is one of the leaders. In the retail trade of the Russian Federation according to the Central Bank, the share of cashless payments is now 63%. According to Mark Goichman coronavirus is likely to increase this proportion to 65-70%. “From the point of view of economy, the “money” a great number of disadvantages. High costs of production, collection, conversion, content, security, possibility of fraud, physical theft, criminality, service, shadow operations, etc. Low speed of cash turnover increases the need for the increase in money supply that causes inflation”, – addthem in real.

Indeed, to pay by Bank transfer in Russia, especially in big cities, almost everywhere: in cafes, shops and supermarkets, public transport, markets, kiosks, vending machines. Almost all banking services are provided remotely, from money transfer to loan processing or operations on the stock exchange. Now grows up a generation that does not carry cash.

the fact that the possibility of non-cash payments attracts customers know all traders. According to market participants, profit trading point for the introduction acquiring increases on average by 15-30%. This is because in the absence of cash, the buyer may not cancel the purchase if the seller does not accept cash payment.

“In the near future the cash has gone out of use, but the fact that they do not generate income and depreciate – it is a fact. The vast majority of banks already pay interest on the availability of funds in the account, and transactions conducted by Bank transfer, you earn cash back, the salary is transferred to Bank account”, – said the expert of the Academy of management Finance and investments Aleksey Krichevskiy.

Experts are of the opinion that the reduction of cash in circulation is able to inhibit the spread of disease and not only the coronavirus. The economy will benefit. “For the economy, the increase in payments in the form of cash is a good factor that helps more clearly to assess, in particular, real income and other economic indicators. This means that decisions taken by the authorities based on these figures will be more true,” concluded a leading analyst of the Forex Optimum Ivan kapustyasky.

take care of yourself and follow the rules of hygiene: wash your hands often, don’t touch face with hands. To abandon the use of cash – the exact same measure of security as to comply with the quarantine, not to leave home unnecessarily and to limit contact with other people.