Cruises at discount book – is it worth it? In the case of Aldi Reisen, Lidl Reisen and Penny travel, there are cruises cheaper than elsewhere, but also in better quality?

Often the discount surprise, with Offers in the range of Food products. But this is also true of travel deals such as cruises?

Aida cruise through Aldi travel book: how good are the deals?

Aldi-cruise deals with cruise ships of the Aida starts at 599 Euro for an eight-day journey in the Western Mediterranean. Aldi offers trips to the end of 2019, and 2023 a total of six cruises to six different destinations with the Aida ships.

an eight-day cruise in the Canary Islands and a 15-day cruise to Madeira, as well as a cruise around Western Europe for 14 days, among others. All trips include flights, Accommodation and full Board, drinks at meals among the main meals in the buffet restaurants, child care in the Kids Club, as well as use of the sauna landscape, visits to Shows and events.

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Variety of travel deals at Lidl, Aldi & co.: cruises at a Discounter

for many years customers can book at discounters for the seemingly small price of your holiday. The offers sound is always tempting and are great posted – from city breaks to cruises is almost everything, what the heart desires.

In the case of Lidl travel can book, interested, for example, from 319 Euro, a seven-day Croatia cruise. Aldi travel, however, attracts customers, however, for example, a seven-day cruise in the Western Mediterranean from € 469 per Person in an inside cabin.

Also in the Discounter Penny there is to book cruises. In addition to numerous two – to three-day mini cruises from Penny to travel there is about a seven day cruise to Croatia from 329 euros per Person.

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