Sandro Black and Christian Streich will love your Job as a football coach, the regional wine – and your home. The Duo is one of the few football-teachers who have sought their luck so far, never in the Stranger.

Black has been working since its entry into the coach business in the Rhine-Main area and returned to the initial stations in labor and Eschborn, 2013 in the city of his birth to FSV Mainz 05, where he played already as a second League-professional. Prank works even for 24 years for the SC Freiburg – first as a Junior coach, since the end of 2011 as the head coach. On Friday (20.30 clock/Eurosport Player) collide both with their Teams.

“a Lot of trainers do not work in their home country, at us it is a special situation,” said prank in a recent Interview with the “kicker”. And Black stressed in the double-talk: “How it would be to be in a different Region of the professional coaches, we can’t evaluate correctly, because we haven’t experienced it yet.”

you don’t Want to, because both Black and string feel in their home clubs. “Which coach can stay at home?”, prank said in the SWR show “Sport im dritten”. “Most people are constantly on the role – two years here, two years there.”

For the 53-Year-old, there is another reason why he holds the sports club Loyalty: “The club is positioned in such a way that it is not immediately the arrows from each corner of the fly, when you’ve lost three times. I’m not a coach who would have to endure”, he established his renewed contract extension in February.

The 13-year-younger Black had to endure in his debut season 2017/18 significantly more criticism. “It was a very educational year,” he said after the successful classes. Even though the 05ers Play in the past eight seven defeats conceded and in the month of March, not a single point picked, he need not fear for his Job. “He enjoys in the club’s absolute confidence,” said sporting Director Rouven Schröder some weeks ago, on the occasion of the extension of the contract until 2023.

as in the previous year, Black and string, which can also off the pitch well with each other, the duel left to look forward to. At the time, both teams were in a relegation battle, you have to do in this season. Mainz is a 30 points, 13., Freiburg, with its 32 meters the Twelfth – far away from the dangerous region Table.

Yet the mood could hardly be more different. During the Breisgau cheered last 1:1 against record Champions Bayern Munich to a surprising point, the people of Mainz rather tribulation. “The frustration is big at all. But we have a Chance to turn things back in our direction,” said Black.



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