Another 21/03/20 Blackwater: the major crimes of the most famous American PMCs

Military experts believe that today Асademi (formerly Xe Services LLC, and nachinova in 1997 as Blackwater) is the largest private military company in the world, the number of its employees – about 21 thousand people.
the activities of the PMCs accompanied by scandals and allegations of war crimes committed by employees Асademi in a number of countries.

“Black water”

the American security company Blackwater (“Black water”) was founded in 1997, seal commando Erik Prince and shooting coach al Clark. Tasks of the PMC are the support and training of military and police operations. The private military company branched structure consisting of more than a dozen offices reporting the managing organization Xe Services.
Since the beginning of the two thousandth’s, Blackwater took part in the fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq. At the moment, according to media reports, the PMC acts in Syria.

Unjustified killing

the First scandal associated with criminal activity, the American PMCs abroad, occurred in Baghdad in 2006. As reported by the newspaper Newsweeк, at the end of December, a drunken 26-year-old Blackwater employee killed from a pistol of 32-year-old Raheem Khalif, a security guard of the Vice-President of Iraq, Adil Abd al-Mahdi. In addition to dismissal from the PMC and deportation from Iraq this killer no punishment was incurred.
According to the newspaper “Time of news”, in September 2007 PMC mercenaries who accompanied officials of the US state Department, was fired on civilians in Baghdad’s nisour square. As a result, 17 people were killed (including women and children) and more than 20 injured. The Americans claimed that they were attacked and contractors defended. However, victims among employees was not. The investigation of the judicial authorities, initsaerovane in the United States after the incident, showed that in 195 clashes involving Blackwater in more than 80% of cases the mercenaries first opened fire.
the Case of Iraqi attack square was forced to intervene in the situation, US Secretary of state Condoleezza rice, who assured that the activities of Blackwater now will control Federal agents, the PMCs vehicles will be equipped with video cameras, and the negotiations between the security units will be recorded.
last year for participating in the mass murder of Iraqi civilians by a former mercenary PMC Nicolas Slatten was sentenced to life in prison.
In 2010, former employees of a subsidiary of Blackwater – “Paravant” – Justin cannon and Christopher Drotleff was accused of murder in 2009, two Afghans and wounding a third.
According to the online publication the Huffington Post, cannon and Drotleff not had to wear in Afghanistan the weapons and committed the murders in an alcohol intoxication.
in addition, they probably shouldn’t have been hired in Blackwater, wrote the Huffington Post: Drotleff had a long record for assault and beating his three-year career in the Marines ended after seven unauthorized absences, assault and other charges, and cannon uvolili from the army after he went AWOL and was caught using cocaine.
As reported by “Voice of America”, Christopher Drotleff in 2011 was sentenced to three years and one month in prison against him were proven fact killing one Afghan. Cannon received 2.5 years in prison.

arms trafficking

in September 2007 the PMC Blackwater suspected to be smuggled into Iraq weapons that were intended for Kurdish fighters. In 2010, reported the online edition of the Huffington Post, the company was involved in a scandal with the loss of more than 500 Kalashnikov rifles, and other firearms (rifles, pistols) with the Afghan warehouses. Machines intended for AFGaskoy national police. Fictitious contracts with the Jordanians on arms sales were signed in the name of the hero of the cartoon “South Park” Eric Cartman.
According to CNN, the PMC wanted to get a contract with the Jordanian government, forging documents, and handed to king Abdullah II as a gift over two dozen pieces of Kalashnikovs and other weapons. Under investigation were the Executive Director of “Black water” Harry Jackson and four employees of a private military company.
In the end, the management of PMC has agreed with the US government on the payment of $ 7.5 million compensation in exchange for closing a criminal case about smuggling weapons.

Nicholas Syromyatnikov

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