History 21/03/20 “Shouting in German”: how the birth of the Soviet scout

not all couples of Soviet spies-illegals dared to have children. On the one hand children can lead to failure, but they provided a more trusting attitude. However, if the couple still more inclined to the last argument, women found it very difficult not to give yourself during childbirth.

the Scouts and children

he recalled How Soviet intelligence officer Galina Fedorova, the Center has never objected to the couple-the illegals were acquired during travel, children. According to Fedorova, are given in the book of Yevgeny Primakov, “Essays on the history of Russian foreign intelligence”, the presence of children in the family have created a positive image and significantly reduced the level of suspicion. In this respect, the children became kind of assistants to their parents. However, few have decided to take this step. In particular, Galina and Mikhail Fedorov chose to remain childless. According to Galina Ivanovna, the risk was too great. Children who, as he put Fedorov — known “howcast”, so secrecy wouldn’t be so simple.

However, some couples engaged in illegal intelligence activities abroad, still become parents. That’s the only danger lay in wait for the spouses not only in the process of raising children, but in the moment of their birth. As you know, women in childbirth from pain is not always in control, so the Soviet scout was afraid to give himself away, shouting in Russian. Anesthesia, which often resorted to foreign clinics, could also cause inadequate reaction. So the Russian spies had to take myself in hand and do everything in order not to fail the mission. Bright examples – Larisa Mayorova Anna Filonenko.

Larisa Mayorova

writes Vladimir Antonov, in his book “the Feminine the fate of intelligence”, Larisa and Vadim Mayorov met at a friends wedding. In 1959, the young men tied the knot. Then Larissa did not suspect that her husband is being trained for illegal intelligence activities. Mayorov but soon the time came to go on a long business trip. Larissa was summoned to the Lubyanka and put in a fame about the secret work wife. The girl expressed a desire to work together with Vadim. Have Maiorova were language skills, so she was immediately sent to Germany to study German, and also English languages. For this Larissa Maiorova had to become a citizen of the German Democratic Republic.

Later, the couple reunited and even re-registered their relationship, this time in London. In 1964, they settled in Argentina, where at that time was still a hidden Nazi criminals. Majorova successfully legalized by purchasing to cover a restaurant in the suburbs of Buenos Aires. In the same year, Larisa gave birth to her first child, a daughter Sabine. Due to the fact that Mayorov has retained its status as a citizen of Germany, she gave birth in one of the German hospitals in the country. To be during childbirth, Mayorov decided to abandon anesthesia. With the scout handled it brilliantly – screaming exclusively in German. After some time, appeared in the family and youngest daughter. Despite having children, the couple continued to work.

Anna Filonenko

Anna Filonenko, which became the prototype radio operator kat from “Seventeen moments of spring”, managed to give birth to official missions of three children. It all started with the fact that in the reception of Marshal Zhukov Anna Kamaeva met with Michael Filonenko. Soon they married and almost immediately received an offer to work for Soviet intelligence. After preparation, the couple has with his son Paul arrived in China. According to Igor Damaskin, author of “Scout and spy”, the birth was difficult, and Anna can’t stop cryingLa: “Oh, mommy, mommy!”. However, the couple decided on a second child: daughter Maria was born, when Filonenko has worked in China.

According to legend, Anna and Michael were Russian immigrants who have long lived in Czechoslovakia, and then moved to China. Thanks to this “biography” the issue with poor language knowledge Filonenko was solved. However, the languages of the scouts still had to master: China was merely a preparation for transfer to Brazil. In Brazil, Anna and Michael proved to be a brilliant professionals. Michael Filonenko even managed to penetrate the environment of the Brazilian President. Anna helped her husband, after a short break in the work only in connection with the birth of his son Ivan. Remembering the excruciating first childbirth, scout was afraid that I’d scream in Russian, but nothing happened: Anna was screaming in the desired language.

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