Blast B-37: the most terrible tragedy of the submarine fleet of the USSR

History 19/03/20 Explosion B-37: the most terrible tragedy of the submarine fleet of the USSR

the entire history of the Soviet submarine of the Navy of this tragedy was the most extensive, its impact comparable only to the accident at the nuclear submarine “Kursk” (2000). The explosion of more than a dozen torpedoes aboard B-37 January 11, 1962, died and injured more than 100 people, including members of the crew of the submarine.

As it happened

This sub until the day of the disaster served in the Northern fleet only two years. The submarine was based in the Arctic Murmansk region (Kola Peninsula). Before the explosion of B-37 participated in only one doctrine in the Atlantic.

About 9 a.m. during the loading of the ammunition on the submarine there was the strongest explosion of all available on Board 11 torpedoes. The two sections of the submarines were destroyed, most of the sailors from those who were at that moment on the boat (59 people) were killed. Except they killed 11 sailors of the neighboring submarine s-350 and 52 of a sailor standing on the dock. Both submarines immediately sank. The commander of the B-37 Anatoly Bugaba and another senior officer in the headquarters of the Navy, survived. Bugaba, when the explosion occurred, stood on the pier (according to others, he threw the blast, when he tried to find out the cause of a fire in a compartment). Survived also 13 sailors B-37: 10, managed to save the remaining compartments, and three on the submarine at the moment of explosion was not.

What was the cause of the tragedy

According to official data of the government Commission, vyasnyanka details of the incident, was seen several versions of the causes of the tragedy – a random shot of the watch in the warhead of a torpedo, the violation of safety during the repair of the projectile, and finally, a manufacturing defect.

in the first, the sailor was on duty at the pier by careless handling of a gun could have fired, causing the bullet hit right in the warhead that caused an explosion and the subsequent detonation of other torpedoes. For the second hypothesis, the detonation occurred as a result of the repair of the torpedo with a blowtorch – the projectile ignited and exploded. Not excluded also the presence in the torpedo factory defect that caused the loading to the suicide bombing.

the Captain of Bugaba then claimed that the explosion was preceded by a fire in the first compartment of the submarine.

the Sailors are not in vain considered B-37 the damned – during the year preceding the explosion in the Arctic, the Soviet submarines was seven accidents, most of which came exclusively to B-37.

What were the consequences

the Rise of both sunken at ten meters depth boat took more than three weeks. A year later, B-37, which broke the bow, withdrew from the Navy and cut metal. The survivors of captain 1st rank Anatoly Stepanovich Bugaboo were tried by a military Tribunal. Beeba defended himself, refusing the services of an attorney and was acquitted. He then taught at the naval Academy and died in 2002 in St. Petersburg.

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