The cost is still provisional. Boeing has encrypted this Wednesday to a billion dollars the first invoice of the asset to the ground since mid-march on the 737 MAX, the plane feature in which the anti-stall MCAS has been involved in two tragedies close together with a total of 346 deaths.

This sum is to cover an expected increase in costs of production of the 737 MAX and, in particular, changes in course to avoid further malfunctions of the MCAS. It also includes the additional training of drivers required by the regulators to lift the flight ban on the aircraft, locomotive sales of Boeing.

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It does however not account for the possible compensation of the airlines, who have had to cancel flights scheduled on 737 MAX and the possible damage that the aircraft manufacturer may be required to pay to the families of the victims.

Boeing’s hopes for a lifting of the flight ban in July

Boeing has not yet submitted the update of the MCAS to the federal agency of the united states air force (FAA), responsible for giving the green light to a return in the sky of the 737 MAX, said a source close to the folder. CEO Dennis Muilenburg should give a calendar date of submission, return-in-service – during a oral very expected this Wednesday in front of the financial community , according to an industrial source.

The group table on a certification changes to the end of may and a lifting of the flight ban in July, said the source on condition of anonymity. Dennis Muilenburg will also attempt Wednesday to reassure them about the future of the 737 MAX, which it has suspended deliveries and reduces the production of approximately 20 %, whereas it was the beginning of the year increase from June to 57 copies per month.

Boeing is currently undergoing its most severe crisis since the turnaround in 2013, for four months, the fleet of long-haul 787 Dreamliner to a battery problem. A 737 MAX 8 operated by Ethiopian Airlines crashed last march 10 in the south-east of Addis Ababa, which 157 died a few minutes after take-off. This accident occurred five months after another tragedy, that of a 737 MAX 8 Lion Air, last October 28, which resulted in the death of 189 people.

370 devices nailed to the ground

These two tragedies have resulted in the grounding of this aircraft and raised questions on its certification. Approximately 370 737 MAX (8 and 9) were already in service. An investigation has been initiated in the United States by the department of Justice, while the department of Transport is reviewing its certification procedure.

The anti-stall MCAS, whose certification had been entrusted to employees of Boeing, was involved in two accidents. Launched in a race against the clock to appease the wrath of the airlines and regulators, and provide reassurance to the public, although the manufacturer claims to have already conducted more than 135 test flight from the capital to the ground.

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has caused a decline of 13.2 %, to $ 2.1 billion in net income in the first quarter and a decline of 1.98 %, to 22.9 billion of revenue.


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