Update from the 23. February 2019: 13,000 people celebrated Bonez MC and RAF Camora in the Olympic hall in Munich. The two musicians delivered a successful concert (see criticism below). But before the Show could even start, interfered with the police.

Actually reminiscent of a scene that was on the phone in the beginning of the video for the Song “cocaine” as Bonez MC with his “favorite Cousin” and asks if there was a RAID. “But of course found nothing,” replies Bonez MC.

After the IMAGE information was carried out on Friday afternoon in a RAID. The police, with 110 people in the use, found in the tour bus a few grams of marijuana, in the Backstage area of cocaine. According to the sheet 90 criminal charges for violations of the narcotics were provided for in the law. In addition, it should have 30 Ads by traffic police.

Camora celebrated the concert and a bit of the use of the officials: “13,000 IN Munich ! Madness, you’ve disassembled! (an hour after that 150 police officers have dismantled the buses and Backstage).“

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13,000 IN Munich ! Madness , you’ve disassembled! (an hour after that 150 police officers have dismantled the buses and Backstage)

A post shared by RAF Camora (@raf_camora) on Feb 22, 2019 at 4:38 PM PST

The lyrics: “The bags full with money for the cocaine. The Taxi is ordered, you have to pull Bock. My whole town is stunned by the shiny stuff“ seems to be not so out of thin air, like maybe the one or other might think.

concert review: “Bonez MC” & “RAF Camora” in the Olympic hall: Party under the plastic palm trees

If Bonez MC and RAF Camora sit for 90 minutes under the plastic palm tree on the stage, cigarette Smoking, and into the wide Round look, you have it for a few seconds what of little boys, can enjoy the animal and do not even believe that you are here.

Munich – As the first holiday. In Paradise. In the holiday under the palm trees. In the with around 13,000 people in the sold-out Olympic hall. Again and again the two rappers emphasize that they are two, three years before the much, much, have played a lot less of an audience. And I believed at the beginning, when they released their first Album “palm trees made of plastic” in the year 2016, none of you. Dancehall, Hiphop, Reggae rhythms, and English-mixed Rap is indeed unusual. But it works – and how.

Without the breathers – it’s the puberty!

during the second Song (“500 HP”), and hop and dance and all sing from the very front to the very top. And because it is so beautiful, sing it to the end as an encore. In between, the Beats drive the mainly young audience through the evening. Breather? Puff cake! It’s the puberty!

After half an hour, all the other members (Maxwell, Gzuz, LX, and Sa4) of the Hamburg HipHop Board-Band, “187 the street gang” the stage, there is “cocaine” with Gzuz and anyway. If Bonez MC (33 years old), RAF Camora (34) and the Rest of the Gang a thick Jogging pants,, women, fast cars, coke and co. talk sing and your gold chains or teeth aka “Goldgrillz” show, then, is the Chav Party under the palm trees of the Finest quality. Including stage diving with air mattress.

low-slung Jogging pants

due to recent events can be cited at this point in these days of the late fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld: “he Who wears Jogging pants has lost control of his life.” Bonez MC, RAF Camora and the Rest of the “187 street gang” wearing all of them sweat pants, like to deep. Whether you have lost control of your life? I don’t know, doesn’t matter.

The Party and the audience you have from the first until the last Minute in the handle. Full throttle to the end, with 500 HP.

Armin He

A musical contrast program it was on Friday evening in the First: The preliminary round for the ESC – a Frauenduo departs for Germany to Israel


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