Riscone / Reischach – It was the worst tragedy that a father is: On 23. February 2018, lost to Michael H. and his daughter. Now he describes to the Passauer New press, moving, how he deals with the pain.

a look back: The two closest Girlfriends Eva H. and Mona D. accident die in a horrible way to and from School on the 23. February of last year. They are covered by a VW Tiguan, shortly after you disembark from the school bus. The two 11-year-old real students have no Chance as the car you got. In the hospital, you will be declared dead. Particularly appalling: The older sibling of the girl and other relatives of children are eye witnesses to the accident.

The whole community was in shock. It was arranged grief flagging in the village, festivals and other events were canceled as well innsalzach24.de* at the time reported.

VW-driver after accident

The VW driver was sentenced in December 2018 for negligent homicide to six months of deprivation of liberty. The punishment is suspended on probation. In addition, the accident driver has to pay a fine in the amount of 2,000 Euro. Add to this a driving ban of one month.

Now the PNP-lit on the anniversary of the fatal accident, as the fathers of the dead girl to deal with the tragedy. Both were previously active in the voluntary fire brigade today, you no longer have the power to drive to missions.

father after the accident: “Then I go in eve’s room”

“in the Middle of their flowering life,” had you been in their families ripped away from the common grief display, of the one published for the girl. The time is remained for the families, the loss weighs heavy. “I Wake up at night and think I dreamed it. Until I go in eve’s room,” says Michael H.

on such nights he lay awake and brooding, as the cause of the accident was exactly. He had a folder with all the documents, he again and again through the forests. The families of doubt, that the children were got out at the time of the collision directly from the Bus. Lawyer Hanns Barbarino, who represents the families, told the PNP, “the school bus was already driving and probably at least 30 meters from the adopted in your location, had been removed”.

The closest Girlfriends are right next to each other on the Reischacher cemetery

The girls have found their last resting place on the Reischacher cemetery. The graves are right next to each other. Photos of the children, figures of angels and a lot of candles to adorn their graves.

likes Very moving also the fate of the girl is Monika. She disappeared as a 12-Year-old in the upper-Palatinate town of Flossenbürg. Now the case is rolled up 42 years later.

came To a fatal accident drama on Saturday morning on the Airport road in the East in Erding. A woman lost her life, as Merkur.de reported.

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