The Central Police training Center in Pak Chong for fat cops the hell on earth. The Center is not specialized on soft diets. Here otherwise, combat athletes and elite are trained police officers.

But also the new clients which are referred to in the Thai media gloating over the “pig-cops”, is located in the Center with open arms. “There are so many problems, if you’re a fat policeman,” said Senior Sergeant Major Sornpetch Chantarak, nutrition adviser in the new program to the page “Khaosodenglish”.

Fullscreen ©แจ้งข่าวการเปิดสอบ นายสิบตำรวจ Love Police FB

“You work slowly and move slowly, while you stumble around,” says the nutrition expert. This was unacceptable for an officer who is entrusted with the arrest of Criminals. “You have to be skillful and energetic approach.”

It could not be that the “big guy” by doing only paper work, finds Sornpetch Chantarak. “Most of the time these cops are only for the archiving of files is responsible. You don’t move then, but also, and complained to eat a lot,” he said.

The Training, he takes it personally. “The participants call me all the Sergeant petting.”

Fullscreen ©แจ้งข่าวการเปิดสอบ นายสิบตำรวจ Love Police FB

200 police officers have been through the first course of the program, “Belly Destruction” funneled. Sornpetch looks to be a full success. The participants will be prescribed a healthy diet and you will then be subjected to a rigorous Training. Some of the police officers who had weighed 80 kilograms, are said to have lost 20 kilograms in 14 days. As the photos of the Training appeared on the Thai Facebook page, “Love Police”, agreed many of the Thais of the program.

“It is good, if you lose a little weight. I always see police officers drinking at the strip of course beer. How do you catch a Criminal like this?” about the User Attakorn Elle wrote.

source: Love Police, Khaosodenglish

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