Boy George reportedly wrote seven albums in the corona isolation. The 58-year-old ex-culture club singer is currently condemned to involuntary unemployment like all other artists.

At least from the idea of giving concerts and performing, the musicians around the world had to say goodbye for a while. But that doesn’t mean that the singer is sitting around doing nothing. Instead, he simply devotes himself to the second area of his profession, song writing.

Songs could become part of movie soundtracks

He’s obviously been very productive lately. In conversation with Louis Theroux for his podcast “Grounded”, the musician revealed: “I wrote so much music, I have enough for six or seven albums.”

He doesn’t yet know exactly what he’ll do with the songs in the end. “I’m not saying that every single song is good, but I signed a contract with a company called ‘Primary Wave’ just before Christmas, whose job it is to put my music in films.”

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Some of the many new songs could also end up as film soundtracks. Either way, the star’s fans can certainly expect a few surprises in the near future. (Bang)


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