Mexico is a hot place. The war of the various Dorgen cartels is raging particularly on the border with the United States. In Ciudad Juárez a young couple has now been shot on the open road. The police are investigating the mysterious case, for which there is as yet no evidence.

The brutal murder of the couple happened on broad daylight and on the open road. The criminalists of the local police are puzzled. Because there is apparently no explanation for the death of Patrick Landers and Karla Baca. The background of the hideous crime is still completely unclear. The act had already taken place in Ciudad Juárez last Monday. The couple had just left a mobile phone shop and was about to get in the car when the two of 20 shots were sifted through.

Several witnesses saw the armed men flee the scene. The investigating police officers stated that the jeep’s windshield was covered with bullet holes.

In this case, since Patrick Lander was a US citizen, local police are working with the local US consulate to resolve the case. The 32-year-old Landers comes from New York and lives there with his family. According to a report by People magazine, he was a professional golfer. On vacation he had met his girlfriend Karla, a Mexican by birth, and fell in love with her. Now the police are investigating in all directions to be able to clear up this crime. Ciudad Juárez in Mexico is known for the high number of murders, as numerous cartels claim control of the strategically important city directly on the border with the United States.


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