A tanker truck exploded in the middle of a city for an as yet unexplained cause. So far, the serious accident has claimed at least 20 lives and 166 other people have been injured. However, numerous victims were seriously injured in the accident, so the number of fatalities is likely to increase over the course of the days.

Serious misfortune in eastern China. A tank truck loaded with liquefied petroleum gas exploded very close to the town of Wenling.

A tank truck exploded in eastern China near the city of Wenling. According to current information, the accident has claimed 20 lives so far, while 166 people have been seriously injured. According to official information, the vehicle exploded on the Shenyang-Haikou expressway on Saturday afternoon for reasons unknown to date.

Due to the impact of the explosion, the vehicle was thrown into the air and then landed in a workshop on the edge of the expressway, resulting in a second explosion. The impact of the explosion caused some nearby houses and factories to collapse. Hundreds of firefighters were involved in the search for the dead and injured. The ministries of public security and civil protection have now sent personnel to the scene of the accident to uncover the background to the accident. The salvage and cleanup work at the scene of the accident is still ongoing.



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