Muscovite Nikolay panosian is that rare person who can be proud of “their” route. It was on his initiative there was a current of 459 bus that runs between the metro station “Kuntsevskaya” and 5-th microdistrict Solntseva. His idea, he suggested the city through the crowdsourcing platform of the Moscow Government in 2014 – when this platform was a novelty for the residents of Moscow. Since Nicholas is a professional Transporter, a graduate of the Russian University of transport, he took the initiative and suggested the city ideas in this area.

– In mid-2014 from the district of Solntsevo was very difficult to get ground transportation to the nearest metro station – says panosian. – I, friends and acquaintances about Solntsevskaya line and thought, Yes, even on the Sokolnicheskaya line, the Terminus was still “Yugo-Zapadnaya” to which we had to go by ground transport for 30-40 minutes, and on weekdays in the morning and sometimes an hour. I wanted to be able to get to other metro stations. As soon as I saw information on the conduct of the crowdsourcing project “Our routes”, I immediately decided to participate in it, especially because the year before I graduated from Russian University of transport and has already managed to work in the transport industry. During the project I have submitted a lot of ideas and suggestions for the areas that I often visit for work, for meeting friends and relaxing, but the hot and interesting discussion among the participants at the time called the route 856 “5th MD. Solntseva ‒ metro station “Kuntsevskaya”.

during the discussions, as recalled Nicholas, refined stop, route, intervals of movement of buses. It took some time – and the bus appeared on the map of the routes of the city. Now his number has changed to 459, but the passengers on it all as much.

– After running the bus No. 856, on the 5 th MD. Solntseva ‒ metro station “Kuntsevskaya”, used it a few times a week when traveling to acquaintances and friends, – says Nikolay Panoseresearch is currently after the opening of the Solntsevskaya line trying to use the subway. First, it turns faster, and secondly, especially in the summer, the new metro trains are always cool. However, going from the metro station “Solntsevo”, sometimes they actually get on the same bus route when traveling through the area, however, is at number 459.

All of these routes, ideas for which are suggested by Muscovites, the city has nine. So, in the center of Moscow the bus number 38 was extended from the Riga station to Lubyanka square instead of Tubular, and from Voykovskaya “Water stadium” was the route 621.