The Danish official had cut his hair and sent the money to the hairdresser


the Danish Agency for health weed Brostrom cut his hair, then sent the money to his Barber, said “”.

According to Brostrom, he decided on this action after the introduction of the regime of self-isolation due to the spread of coronavirus infection. The representative of the Danish Ministry of health noted that his Barber was forced to close his saloon, in connection with which he left without wages. His own actions the official has provided support to the wizard.

the representative of the Danish Ministry of health added that the hairdresser will also be able to earn when mode the isolation will be lifted, because he will have to fix that on its own clipping his client.

Brostrom posted a photo with a new hairstyle on social networks and in comments urged the Danes to follow his example.

Earlier it was reported that his help in the spread COVID-19 began to provide Michelin chef in France. Takashi Kinoshita over the weekend prepared 100 dinners of three courses for health workers who are on duty around the clock in the main hospital of the city of Dijon.

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