Business warned mishustina about going back to tsarist Russia

According to the publication, the document refers to the fact that the background of the spread of the pandemic COVID-19 rpm drop industry and traffic segment (online and offline retail, small business, restaurants, cafes and shopping center) accounted for 50-80%.

From the point of view of market participants, it is necessary to “pause” the entire segment of the consumer market, with the exception of the grocery trade. In particular, they asked to cancel the obligation to pay taxes, including value added tax (VAT), property tax, tax on income of physical persons (NDFL) and the rent for the land.

however, retailers are asked to limit the maximum lending rate at 8% and eliminating seasonal restrictions on the entry of trucks. These measures proposed to be introduced from 25 March to 25 September.

on March 21, it became known that the Russian Cabinet and the Central Bank in case of need will take new measures to support the economy amid distribution problems in the country, a new kind of coronavirus infection. In addition, to stabilize the situation in the Russian Federation established an anti-crisis Fund of 300 billion rubles. According to the plan, for the remaining unemployed citizens will be organized training courses and public works. The government also plans to facilitate access to drugs and products imported to the Russian market.

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