The experts evaluated the consequences of Putin's decree on the week

Deputy Director of corporate ratings group ACRA Basil Tanurkov in an interview with the portal said that Russian entrepreneurs will be able to survive a long weekend without significant losses. He compared the consequences of non-working weeks with the new year holidays and may holidays.

According to Tanurcova, entrepreneurs survive these periods without noticeable consequences, therefore, now no catastrophic effect should not be.

In turn, the head of the organization of small and medium entrepreneurship “OPORA Russia” Alexander Kalinin said that the money gone for the weekend employees the business will find thanks to the supporting measures which are introduced for the duration of the pandemic coronavirus.

According to Kalinina, after the President of the entrepreneurs realized that they are waiting for a number of concessions, including deferral of tax payments and credits.

Recall that on the eve of Putin during his emergency appeal to the Russians said that next week it will be broken, while the salary of employees will be maintained. We will only structure life support, including transport, grocery stores, banks, government bodies and hospitals.

At the time of the pandemic coronavirus President has introduced measures to support entrepreneurs. Small and medium businesses are invited to support the deferral of all taxes except VAT for the next 6 months, deferment on loans for the same period. We are talking about businesses from those areas that the government deems affected by the pandemic. At the same time impose a moratorium on bankruptcy.

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