Cycling in the Winter? No Problem, the promise of many counselors and do so, as you could be in the dark Season as well, with the bike on the road like in the summer, if you master just a few Tricks. We don’t see it that way. Cycling in the Winter, the wet, colder and more dangerous. Point. These limitations can be alleviated, but not of the world. Who wants to have it comfortable, should leave his wheel on snow and the rain and Bus and train use. Who’s swinging in this time of the year nevertheless the two-Wheeler, you should note the following points.


The photo shows the Dilemma. Also a good bike light is going in the cascades of Light of a city.

©s: ipopba/Getty images the light in the darkness

In the Winter you drive more often in the dark, add to this the deterioration in visibility due to rain, fog or snow. Basically, a permanently installed light system with a Dynamo, a battery powered plug-in system because of the high reliability is preferable. The light output of modern LED lamps is far higher than the older systems, you should therefore replace it.

if you use a plug-in light, you may not use a cheap lamp in the Form of a flashlight. The front light does not need to form a special beam of light that hides, far ahead of lights and also the area immediately in front of the wheels covers. The round cone of light from a flashlight does not do that. In order to be better seen, you can use clothes or bags with reflective foil. You can, however, attach the other Red lights on the backpack, helmet, or clothing.

With the LED front lights, a brand-name manufacturer, you should be able to in the city well enough to see. Otherwise it is on completely unlit Roads – then lights in different levels of dimming are recommended. Sporty drivers can resort to a additional helmet headlight with high luminosity.


Driving in the wild is much safer than Driving in traffic.

©Anton Matveev/Gettimages driving safety in icy

the wet, Leaves, snow and ice to set a two-Wheeler is much stronger than a car with four tires. In addition to the problems when braking, add to that the increased risk of falling. Abrupt maneuver quickly on the Asphalt. In principle, the width of the tires like a mountain bike more stability and page offer holding as a narrow racing tires. A lot of drivers should consider the purchase of winter tires with a special profile and a corresponding rubber mixture.

You should not, however, believe that it could be the brakes with the winter as in the summer. The dramatic loss of traction, it is possible to meet only with reduced speed. After all, these winter tires during the entire driving season. The right Grip on snow and ice tyres with Spikes. Then you need a second bike for the cold days. Because there is little joy to drive with Spikes as soon as the snow thaws. Can recommend to studded tyres already passionate cyclists, all others should leave on days with ice on the road surface, the wheel stand.


thanks to the Spikes, the traction is also true in the case of smoothness.

©Gibson pictures/Gettimages you can’t change the change the

Even with appropriate light and the best tyres you can on some factors nothing. As soon as the snow is, you have to dig the ceiling through the Snow. The costs of strength and nerves, because the actual road surface under the snow is visible. The snow freezes the ceiling, the Drive is not easier, because the snow has turned into a hard washboard of a road – eisglatt and unpredictable. The municipalities of Cycling spaces is almost never. On the contrary, they push the snow from the road to the bike path. A switch to the car lane is not recommended for security reasons, but, as in the case of snow, often only a narrow driving lanes are available, and conflicts are programmed with the cars.

The Right clothing,

snow and ice are the exception, cold and wet in Germany in the Winter of the rule. Bike commuters should buy appropriate clothing. Special gloves, face masks, through to Thermo Overshoes, there is a rich offer. Cheap the Whole thing is not: the function of underwear, Overcoat, winter-proof Cycling shorts, appropriate jacket and gloves will you can get hardly any under 500 Euro. Thermal Shoe covers, face protection, goggles and a helmet, headlamp, can be reached easily 800 Euro. Who only drives small distances, does not need to upgrade. He should just put on warm and windproof gloves think. In addition, you should take a Radponcho or a rain suit to put over it.

wheel care

moisture, dirt and salt to put on the wheel. It must therefore be cleaned more frequently. Chain and gears need to be regularly greased. It is important that the wheel is not at night, in the Warm, so that the mud of the previous day freezes overnight.

driving technique

caution helps with a smooth surface. Controlled and without abrupt maneuvers the best. Sharp braking can lead to wet Leaves fall. The speed must be carefully reduced prior to the breakpoint. In addition, one should keep proper distance between cars, pedestrians and other cyclists. Important to an accurate self-perception is: If you noticed at wegrutsche tire that you have no real control over his bike, one should not think, “good!”, but to dismount and push the bike.


Poor vision, no light, narrow tire that looks risky.

©Imageegam/Getty images Our opinion:

Cycling in the rain and snow is associated with some inconveniences. You can have the appropriate equipment fun. It has nothing to do with joy, you should let the wheel stand. Especially in the case of ice, it is especially dangerous. It is also helps a little when the largest part of the route is ice-free. Two square meters of polished ice surface at the intersection for a bad fall when making a Turn.

Who is not deterred, should equip tyre is a wheel with Spikes-will cost about 80 Euro. Fun, but only if you can find a way beyond the road. Along the river, through Parks or on trails in the winter, Driving can be a pleasure. Anyone who goes, but with mirror-smooth road surface in the traffic on the road and under the cars, is simply reckless.

fahrrard work instead of how to make your bike fit for snow and ice

light, chain, brake – the wheel must be for the fall and prepared. We show what to look for and how you can save money.


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