Wednesday, April 14, 2021

World politics is a merciless, often disgusting business

A critic of the Saudi crown Prince disappears in a Saudi Consulate, and leave it as dead, but Donald Trump rejected the suggestion. The price for world politics sometimes. Saudi Arabia is the second example of this kind, North Korea, the first....

Brexit: The British should now vote again

It would be to say an understatement that the negotiations about the UK's exit from the EU are not going well. Despite all the promises during the referendum the supporters of the Brexits have underestimated how fundamentally important is the Integration of...

Has opened an online exhibition of “Virus – the battle! Victory is close”

Has opened an online exhibition of "Virus – the battle! Victory is close"
The exposition was created on the basis of Soviet propaganda posters

Tips To Choose Your Wedding Jewellery

Jewellery is a very important part of your wedding and so it is highly essential that you choose the right jewellery for your big day. Choosing a piece of jewellery in itself is a difficult task and when it comes to selecting bridal jewellery it...

World power: How Germany once China is looking for its place in the sun

balance or hegemony? Between these old cities of the big playing politics until today and until further notice the dynamics of Power and the powers from war pregnant, again and again and never finally. At Harvard University, where much of the policy...