Dortmund/Munich – you said it well! Cathy Hummels posted on Wednesday a photo of the proposed high waves. What, however, was the fact that the Influencerin stands on a Surf-Board. Rather, it is the message behind it. “Who needs Miami when you have the watch?”, Hummels asks. You have had a lot of fun when Stand-up Paddling on the Ruhr.

Immediately it went in the comments – and it shows a new Problem for the Model. Their fan base is a deep crack, which was enlarged by the new change of her husband from Bayern to BVB is still going on. The a offers that Hummels appreciate the beautiful sites of the Ruhr area. “Yes, Yes, the Ruhr area also has a lot of Green,” observes a Fan. “It’s true, the Ruhr also has wonderful Places,” says a commentator. Another goes even further: “At the Ruhr, it is the most beautiful!” This local patriotism is also another Hummels-Fan shares: “The Ruhr area is rocking!”

Munich stir things up under the photo of Cathy Hummels

Other Fans, however, stir things up. “And in the Ruhr area, the air is so much better, as in the beautiful Munich, unbelievable, because you can just shake the head to this back-by-step change”, a Instagram User, unforgiving. Similarly, this comment: “But the wonderful Isar river in Munich is not…”

another tries to pacify the camp. “Even I say that as a Münchner Kindl, there are so beautiful places in Germany and Munich/Bavaria is certainly not the navel of the world…”

You can’t do it all right. At least in a point, many (male) Fans were in agreement: In a Bikini Cathy Hummels makes a top figure. No matter, whether in the West or the South of the Republic.

check out this post on Instagram to

Who needs Miami when you have the Ruhr? It was so much Fun. Thank you to the gentlemen who lent me his Stand-up Paddle. A small snapshot for you in between free to play game.

A post shared by Cathy Hummels (@catherinyyy) on Jul 3, 2019 2:49 PM PDT

Cathy Hummels shows your Fans like a little more freely. But this photo below Hummels ran a small faux pas – you put out a short hand.

Hummels was with her husband, Mats Hummels (30) and son Louis (1) in June on vacation. A hot snapshot from Miami brought the Fans, however, is to Blaspheme.



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