Cala Bona/Mallorca – shock moment for Danni Buchner: On Instagram, the TV-emigrant told that you’ve caused in your choice home to Mallorca on Tuesday in a traffic accident. A woman had been injured, according to

Büchner writes in an Instagram Story: “Hello Dear ones,today is a real (…) day. Damn!! Today I have overlooked in the ‘dead angle’ a scooter driver, ( … ), your it’s thank God, so far is good (!!!) It is a sheet-metal damage and the woman is in shock, with minor injuries, ( … ). “

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The injured woman came, therefore, still in a hospital. She was medically treated, and Büchner, will leave in the next few days a “MEEGGAAA bouquet of flowers” that she writes in her Story.

Daniela books should not have helped

Nice gesture – but what an eye witness reported, throws no good light on Büchner. Büchner, and their daughter ” Ego ” should be backed out, so Christine Yazdan of the image told, at the scene of an accident at a roundabout in Cala Bona in the North-East of Mallorca, from your SUV. However, “the two ladies remained at some distance to the Accident and did… nothing”, is Yazdan quoted.

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“you took care of the bean to the injured”. It had a bit Bizarre, said the witness, “as rush from everywhere to summon people to help and the accident are completely uninvolved, and mumbling of ‘we have not seen you.'”

accident of Daniela Büchner: scooter driver it go “as well as”

Yazdan took care of himself, therefore, together with other passers-by to the injured, the have motionless located on the floor. On Instagram Büchner later reported in an Update that the wounded from the hospital had been dismissed and that she is “the well”.

just a few weeks ago Büchner had made Negative headlines: At the opening of their “Faneteria” it was come to a violent incident in which Büchner a former employee had violated. Later, she said, her emotions had gone with her. And after danni’s husband Jens died last November of a sudden, reported Büchner recently with a surprising statement to word.



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