Cerruti Zola was in the last three years, an integral part of Türkgücü Munich. The 25-Year-old went the way of the land League to the Regionalliga. After the climb he, too, fell to the Mega-upheaval of the Bavaria League master to the victim. Zola goes back to the FC Phönix München.

at the beginning of the 2016-17 season, the 25-Year-old from the district League team FC Phoenix Munich at the time of land division. There he was at the beginning of the season, only the number two behind Alexander Heep. After the season, it moved to Hepp for BCF Wolfratshausen in Bavaria League. Zola took over his role. As a substitute goalkeeper Issa Ndiaye from the SB Chiemgau Traunstein was committed. After the winter break, the tide turned, however, Ndiaye from the delivery to him of the rank and Zola had to sit on the bench.

In this constellation, it remained after the ascent into the Bavaria League. Zola did last season, only a game, on the last round against FC Unterföhring. For the regional Trainer is planning to Re-Reiner Maurer with a whole new staff on the goalkeeper-Position. With Maximilian Engl and Franco Flückiger seasoned regional players were obliged, Julian Kirr comes from the U19 team SpVgg Unterhaching, and will be built up as a number three. Therefore, Zola Türkgücü Munich leaves rises after three years and two and again in Phoenix Munich.

Zola’s career began in the youth of the TSV Forstenried-München. From there we went to SV Pullach. After four years, the move to Phoenix followed.

source: Merkur.de


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