We provide you with an Overview of the dates for the groups draw.

date of the Champions League group draw 2018/2019

The first draw will take place on 30. August 2018 in Monaco instead. A total of 32 teams take part, including the four top finishers of the first of the last Bundesliga season: Bayern Munich, Schalke 04, TSG Hoffenheim and Borussia Dortmund.

so Far, the Champions League kicked off games can always be found at 20.45. For the new season, you must get used to other times. In the future, the games start at 18.55 o’clock or 21 o’clock.

In the following days of the meeting of the group will be held in phase:

1. Round: 18./19. September 2018

2. Round: 2./3. October 2018

3.Round: 23./24. October 2018

4. Round: 06./07. November 2018

5. Round: 27./28. November 2018

6. Round: 11./12. December 2018

the draw of the eighth-, quarter – and semi-finals

The draw for the first knockout round on December 17. December 2018 instead of the quarter final matches on 15. March 2019 pulled. Which of the, until then, remaining teams will compete in the semi-final against each other, and determines the Los on 19. April 2019.

So you don’t miss a Match, we have summarized the dates for the games:

second round:

first legs: 12./13./19./20. February 2019

– back games: 5./6./12./13. March 2019


first legs: 9./April 10, 2019

– back games: 16./17. April 2019


first legs: 30. April and 1. May 2019

games: 7./8. May 2019

Champions League: final on 1. June 2019 in Madrid

1. June 2019 is calculated in the final of the Champions League in Madrid, Wanda Metropolitano, the home stadium of Atletico Madrid. At a sold-out house of almost 68.000 spectators will follow the game.

FOCUS Online/Wochit Mega-Deal changed the power structure, but the beneficiary is not Juventus Champiosn League Champions League draw


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