This year, on 23. April, Germany celebrated a big anniversary: the 500-year anniversary of the German purity law. Huldigende celebrations and praise at the end of the old beer regulation lifted speeches in the splendor of our highest Cultural achievement – and the doubters as enemies to be stamped as a tradition, lots of Philistines.

Here are some of the doubters, considered rationally, are totally in the right. Because of the purity law is no longer in practice today, for a long time, what do the think great speakers to us. With the purity of natural, fresh, healthy ingredients, it has to do now is only to a limited extent, provided that one understands by the term, what he suggests:.

function of the purity law, The land Ordinance on may 23 converted to

. April 1516 was issued in Ingolstadt, to the production of our beer the way the rules and the ingredients to barley, hops and water-resistant attribute, should be to protect the people from brewing experiments (for instance, with belladonna and other poisonous substances).

But by the way, you should also regulate grain deposits, to famine, to avert, as well as the Ducal revenue through the secure monopoly position in the beer production. Only the latter two motifs suggests that the purity law now fulfils a few functions other than once. It still has its original validity? Clear answer: no!

Chemically treated water

According to the decree of 1516, it took less than 35 years, Laurel and coriander were allowed as ingredients. To wear either to the older culture of herbal Beers invoice. More likely, however, to make the quickly perishable Beers of the time, the flavor is long-lasting.

in the face of today allowed substances you can. Because now a whole range of technical AIDS in accordance with the famous Reinheitsgebot is not permitted: Chemically treated spring water, with natural acids to set the pH value as well as the addition of the technically pure sugar are absolute purity law compliant.

even small amounts of alcohol can cancer FOCUS Online In the oesophagus, larynx, breast: even small amounts of alcohol can cause cancer, trigger purity is not so

Even PVPP (Polyvinylpolypyrrolidone), a chemically-produced plastic powder – Yes, you read that right! -, which is added to the beer as filter AIDS to bind lees and tannins, is totally fine. The prerequisite for this is that the beer is taken from the whole of the PVPP to “health, odour and taste acceptable, technically unavoidable shares”. So in the purity law, which by the way – today, not so mean, but “Provisional beer law”.

In contrast to these chemical additives, which are used mainly in large industrial Breweries use, are prohibited, fresh herbs, organic fruit or natural medicinal plants. And not because these ingredients unclean. But because they change the taste of the beer. If, however, the removal of tannins, the taste is neutral, you may have not been the time in question.

the beer must always be equal to

accessories, it seems to taste especially if you serve the industry and the market optimization of their Beers. They have, however, mainly influence the durability and the homogeneity of the Brauprodukte. The well-known Beers from big brands must taste above all: always the same. Recognizable.

drink This beer, the Germans prefer to FOCUS Online/Wochit drink This beer, the Germans prefer to p <> And so on, until the expiration date is exceeded. Substances with which this is achieved in the brewing process, are allowed by the Reinheitsgebot. Other natural products are not. No wonder the impression is created that the purity law today is only a marketing instrument of great Breweries, promises more than it can hold. Because the purity of the food, the beer, it guarantees to a far lesser extent than the stability of its taste.

imagination is very limited

the Beers of The Great all taste very similar. And smaller Breweries that brew within the purity law is multi-faceted, have mostly the same Beers in the range: Pils, Lager, wheat, and Bock, sometimes bright, sometimes dark, the imagination is seldom sufficient.

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