“DSDS” winner Ramon Roselly first conquered the top of the single ranking, then number two in the Official German Album Charts. Samra now does it the other way around.

After earning the silver medal seven days ago with the song “BaeBae”, this week the hip hopper is making his LP solo debut “Jibrail & Iblis” at the top of the album hit list.

Schlager soaring

Last autumn, the capital city rapper led the Top 100 together with Capital Bra and the album “Berlin Lives 2”.

Even though most planes are currently on the ground, the hit pilots experience a real flight of fancy. The trio, founded in 2018, has reached the podium for the second time in its short career. “Let’s fly” (2019, third place) is now followed by “Santo Domingo” (second position).

37 years after the original release, “Script for a Jester’s Tear”, Marillion’s debut album, hits the charts for the first time at number five. The cult rockers, who have achieved their highest position since the late 1980s, owe this to the deluxe edition, which includes newly mixed versions and a documentary with exclusive interviews.

The album top 5 are decided by RTL superstar Ramon Roselly (“A matter of the heart”, three) and last week’s winners by Nightwish (“Human.: II: Nature.”, Four).

The Germans cannot get enough from The Weeknd. His world hit “Blinding Lights” celebrates the tenth number 1 week. The rappers Samra & Capital Bra (“365 days”, four), Ufo361 (“Final Fantasy”, seven) and Dardan (“Wie Lang ?????????”, nine) land the strongest New Entries.

This is how the charts are determined

The Official German Charts are determined by GfK Entertainment. They cover 90 percent of all music sales and are the central barometer of success for industry, the media and music fans. The hit lists are based on the sales and usage data of 2,800 retailers in all sales channels.

These include stationary retail, e-commerce providers, download portals and music streaming platforms.


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