Leasing attracts many visitors, because you get already with a small Deposit a new car from the dealer. The blurb sounds tempting, but don’t let statements like, “199 Euro in the month” apertures. Crucial to the costs of the Leasing, the combination of a one-time payment and monthly rates are converted from monthly 199 Euro more than 400 Euro.

In the case of self-employed people lease cars is because of the combination of “lease plus service” is interesting. The private driver has to pay the lease even without a tax advantage.

decline in the price of Leasing

In the auto market, the list prices for a long time, the prices the customer pays. Only in the case of the so-called Premium brands, the discounts for new cars. In order to save, you must grab the buyer to a year of car or to lease. Particularly favorable deals to offer specialized portals – Leasingtime.de is one of them. Here the cars are pre-configured, frequently already, so don’t take extremely individual compilation, but must resort to the usual market configurations. But it is significantly cheaper. An important sign of the so-called lease factor is – it is the percentage of the list price a month makes a rate. A few years ago, values were 1.2 as excellent, today there are many vehicles with a factor of 0.9 percent.

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For the private customers is only the so-called mileage lease with a guaranteed residual value of the interest. You drive the car, typically three or four years. At the same time, the total mileage is agreed. You drive less, you get money, you drive more, you need to pay extra. At the end of the term, the car goes back to the dealer. Who wants to drive new cars just for a couple of years, always the latest model, but it must also reach deep in the bag. In the first years of the loss of value is particularly high, regardless of whether you buy the car or lease it.

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vehicles of all manufacturers can be Leased. Usually there are new vehicles and Used, but also three-year-old lease returns lease return. For older used car Leasing is rarely available. The Leasing of old-timers and young-timers is a special case that uses the peculiarities of German tax law sent. New vehicles can be freely configured. However, make sure that a quotation includes only the naked base model. Within a series there are price differences of over a hundred percent. A simple calculation is in the case of an existing vehicle – the price shown for this car.

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Who is looking primarily for money, the Dacia brand. The Romanian Renault subsidiary, has, for example, with the Lodgy, a vehicle of Europe that can meet the demands of adult families, even to the half of 20,000 euros. From 9990 to the practical is set to, with a small equipment and a diesel, which brings it up to 75 kW/102 HP. For those who prefer the Lodgy with all the Extras, still remains significantly below the 20,000 Euro, as the Lodgy Prestige dCi 110 with seven Seats and a more extensive equipment list is has 16,680 euros in the price.


credit rating is to think required

for Many customers, Leasing has nothing to do with credit and debt. This is wrong. In the core Leasing is a financial business. If you are not credit worthy, they also get the lease contract for a car. A private seizure-free income or a Guarantor is a precondition. Without positive information from the Schufa, no contract is concluded. In the case of banks, the leasing contracts are considered to be debt. A lease agreement for a BMW with a list price of 45,000 euros will be charged to your credit rating just like a normal credit.

However, you can also make with lower income at the lease a bargain. Because all customers get the advertised cheap rate of interest. In the case of a normal Bank loan customer have to expect a small salary with significant premiums. If the smallest interest rate is 3.5 percent, calculated for the low-income earners quite 6 per cent.

What is a lease bargain?

lease calculations by two factors attractive: low interest rates and high residual value. If you need to Finance your vehicle, mean interest at the rate of 1.9 percent, compared to a normal interest rate of 6.5 percent, a huge advantage. Car manufacturers are also working with hidden discounts. The lease is then set an unrealistically high value for the value of the car at the sale in accordance with the lease. So, the car loses at least on paper, between the beginning and end of the contract only slightly in value. Correspondingly low Rates from falling. That this price is not achieved, do not need to burden you as a customer at the kilometre lease. Particularly prestige-conscious premium brands prefer to choose this way to stitching as a special offer signs on your car.


The lease car belongs to not you, but a Bank or a leasing company. Their use is therefore limited. You can’t borrow the car, or pledge. Changes and modifications are usually not possible.

A lessee should not choose the cheapest insurance. Fully comprehensive insurance must cover all the costs of the leasing contract, in case of a total damage. Remember that you are required to bring to workshops, the car only contract.

When returning the car, will accept normal wear and tear. “Normal”, for example, worn tires, traces on the pedals, or wear and tear due to friction on the Seats. In addition, extensive damage such as paint scratches or small dents due to falling chestnuts you need to let at his own cost repair. At the end of the contract Stress is, therefore, programmed. Charge you should take into account, because a few little things.


Leasing for private persons interesting, the regular new car purchase and no problems with the sale. Discounts in the conditions can make Leasing for anyone interesting, because you can drive with no equity cheap a new car. A purchase is worth more, if the vehicle is to be driven for a long time. You have the money for the car on the account, sich act out when buying is usually better conditions.

Leasing instead of buying a New car for little money: you will find real Leasing bargains

is Always a new car to drive and still save? This is thanks to Leasing. But not all deals are true bargains.

Gernot Kramper


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