Rudi emigrated Small as a young man, first to Canada and later to the United States. There, he started a strange trade: He began to be a noble accident cars to buy. His first model of a Mercedes 300 SL. The broken-down cars cost almost nothing. Shortly thereafter, he began to acquire vehicles from prominent pre-owned for its car recycling, such as the Rolls-Royce convertible from Tony Curtis. On a large scale to hit Retail in the first oil crisis. He bought noble gas guzzlers with big engines. After the end of the crisis, he sold them at a profit.

Eleven photos from the Band you can find in the photo gallery:

Junk Yard: The Hollywood-junkyard – Terminus for dream car Fullscreen

The Porsche shelf behind the main entrance.

©Dieter Rebmann, from: Junk Yard, Heel Verlag GmbH Strange business practice,

vintage cars and spare parts Empire was first of all a trade, but Rudi Klein was a guy and nerd that liked to be reluctant to part with his Treasures. He hated greedy souvenir hunters and, even though his shop looked more like an endless junkyard, he knew the value of each individual grille.

On 16,000 square meters of his camp was to grow up in South Central Los Angeles, as a Small 2001 died. Full car of treasures, hoping there, under the dust, Dirt and bird droppings on better times. From the outside by high walls, shielded, knew only a few Insiders, that there is the largest open-air mausoleum of automotive treasures of the world hid. The dimensions of the Autohorts are unimaginable: Small alone is said to have 200 Porsche 356 obsessed. He was hoarding priceless one-offs, such as the 1935er Mercedes-Benz 500K Roadster Limousine of Rudolf Caracciola. The Band “Junk Yard” was created during a visit while still alive by Rudi Klein. The photos of the rotting dream car, run into a surreal parallel world of rust and abgeplatztem paint right in the middle of Los Angeles.

With the intention of unkempt

The business decisions of Klein’s were inscrutable. He pocketed million investing in a new car-luxury brand, was seen as a tough negotiator when it came to his wrecks. A customer or bombed liked him a prospect with an inappropriate answer, demanded a Small, easy to Double, or sold anything at all.

BMW should have tried to acquire a long-lost classic for the collection, for some reason Klein did not want to sell the car but to the manufacturer, you gammelten more. It would have been Easy to protect the expensive cars better and cover. Also not interested in it, just as little as to restorations had Small. “In the Original, they are dear to me,” was his terse explanation. After his death, his sons broke up the collection.

Junk Yard – dream cars on the Precious junk yard – Dieter Rebmann, Roland Löwisch

“Girls & Legendary US-Cars” to be Honest, authentic, sexy, self-confident women and proud road cruiser

Carlos Kellá photographed US-Cars, photos, women, stage, as himself. Maybe not supermodel-perfect, but individually, erotic and self-aware.


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