at some point it was also in the tranquil city of Dearborn to the South of Motown Detroit is no longer conceal: Ford introduces the Bronco again – those terrain king who was in the ‘ 60s, a legend, and three decades later, the gorge disappeared from the Portfolio. Now the new edition is in the wings, which this year celebrates its Premiere. Maybe at the NAIAS in 2019?

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1970 Ford Bronco

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Since then, it had gotten around that the Ford Bronco in the years 2019 gets a new edition, has rocketed the demand on the classic market in the amount and the restoration companies, which had the cool US Klettermaxen in the past few years, a new breath breathed, could save requests. So many Fans dropped by companies like Classic Ford Broncos, and fell in love in the American off-road classic. You do not need to search in the Shop of Classic Ford Broncos long to lose his heart in the edgy charisma of the car tables of the terrain, which was purged from the mid-80 years, finally mercilessly soft. After its Premiere in 1966, the 3.86 Meter long Bronco around hit with warhorses such as the Jeep CJ and the spectacular International Scout today, he is classless. In the same way as its turning circle, which was just 10,40 meters.

looking around Who don’t want to wait for the new Ford Bronco model year 2023, with Refiners such as Classic Ford Bronco, the aufbohrten often the old to 2.8 – and 5.0-Liter engines. So you decide in search of a dream car for the next Tour in the Rocky Mountains or the Dolomites for a modern-scarred Version, but a Bronco in the first Generation, which ran from 1966 to 1977 in Wayne from the Band. Who wants to it is particularly rustic, and gives his heart to one such as the Chicago Hauler. Thanks to V8 Power with 225 horsepower, all-wheel drive, three-speed automatic transmission and direct power steering, no task is too heavy for him. What more do you need than a three-spoke steering wheel, brown faux leather seats and space for two to three people? Price: stately $ 150,000.

if you want more Shine on paved roads and in an urban environment, you will love the casual Signature Series for of 215,000 dollars. During the Stroppe Baja editions out tickles the athletes, the Signature Series is something for the big show. Stylish and unobtrusive, you can venture into a terrain, not ancestors. Inside, walnut-colored leather, spray seats, climate control and cruise control add a touch of luxury. Wood inserts in the doors, and textile applications, such as in the late 60s and early 70s, travel comfort has been defined. The 5.0-Liter engine provides a sonorous V8-jacking and real punch.

From the mid-70s, the once-compact Bronco models grew significantly in the length. The technical platform came from the successful F-series Pick-Ups. In 1996, the always unsuccessful’ll be Bronco, finally, by the much larger Ford Expedition that you want to against the Chevrolet Tahoe and the longer Suburban Chevrolet to compete. Now Ford wants to revive the ‘ 60s-legend of the Bronco just as emotional as in the past few years with the Mustang.

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