China won coronavirus: the spread of the virus is stopped

Official representative of the state of health of the PRC Mi Feng said that local transmission COVID-19 was mostly blocked in China, while the number of existing cases of the disease in the country fell below 3000.

China, according to Xinhua news Agency, going to continue to increase efforts to prevent sporadic cases of the disease within the country and import of cases through timely detection, rapid treatment, and precise control and prevention.

on Saturday, 477 patients who had recovered from a new coronavirus pneumonia COVID-19, were discharged from hospitals in mainland China (i.e. excluding Hong Kong (Hong Kong), Macao (Macau) and Taiwan. In total, according to official data, as of the end of Saturday, a total of 75448 patients left the hospital after recovery.

At the same time in mainland China had registered a total of 81 439 confirmed cases COVID-19, of which 3,300 people died from the disease.

But the possibility of epidemic spread of the coronavirus in mainland China remains relatively high, says Mi Feng.

Only a day, according to the announced on Sunday information of the state of health of the PRC, was reported 44 new imported from abroad cases of novel coronavirus pneumonia COVID-19. Thus, the total number of imported from abroad cases COVID-19 in mainland China reached 693.

China announced a temporary ban on all foreign visitors, even if they have a visa or a residence permit. Under the restrictions were also Chinese and foreign airlines – they will have to be content with one flight a week, while flights must be completed no more than 75%.

Gradually, partly begins to be revealed to the outside world after two months of isolation Wuhan. Reports from China reports, people are allowed to enter the city, but not to leave him.

“traffic Jams back in the Chinese city and the shopping centres, bars and night clubs reopened after several weeks of blocking, since the government declared victory over the coronavirus, writes British edition the Independent. – Normal socio-economic order “must be fully and urgently restored,” said President XI Jinping”.

according to the Independent, “while in recent days, Chinese officials announced that they cope with the crisis, the government apologized to the family doctor who was punished for revealing the existence of Covid-19 and later died from the virus.

the Communist party of China announced that the government “abolish” their criticism of Dr. Lee Varlena. A belated expression of remorse began after sustained protests in China in connection with the concealment committed by government, despite official attempts to stop the criticism… He and seven other doctors were detained in January for spreading “rumors” on prevention of the epidemic. It was two months after the virus was first discovered in Wuhan. But the authorities did not disclose it for months. They postponed for five weeks measures to inform people, to limit travel and conduct adequate testing, at the same time, repeatedly changing the criteria for the registration of new cases Covid-19″.

“meanwhile, continues to Independent, tens of thousands of people daily Khali in Wuhan city, which is bigger than London, and 400 million people have gone home to see their families for Chinese New year. While doctors detained in January, the city held the annual mass a Banquet for 40,000 families”.

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