In the lottery business at the implerstrasse the Unknown penetrated at some point in time between Friday evening and Monday morning. First of all, they tried, unsuccessfully, to enter through the main access door in the business. Then you hebelten a window on the back. The thieves opened several cash registers and fled with their loot. In the process, they left a trail of destruction and caused a damage of about EUR 10 000.

Armed robbery on a betting office in Ottobrunn

On Wednesday afternoon, threatened a Masked man with a gun to the managing Director (58) of a betting office At the arc in Ottobrunn. The robber demanded Cash. As a result, the 58-Year-old him some money he had in the pocket. As the offender wanted money from the cash register, said the managing Director that he had no key. Undeterred, the Masked man again demanded cash. The 58-Year-old handed him a small amount. Then the robber fled with his loot. No one was hurt. An immediately launched search remained without success. The offender is described as about 20 Years old, about 1.70 meters tall man with black, curly hair. His hat, scarf and gloves were black, the Hoodie is black with white bands.

addiction To both incidents, the police are now witnesses of the number 089/29 10-0.

a Double whammy, a jeweller from Munich, Germany: The gems had the dealer had to fight twice with armed bands of robbers.


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