Citizens urged not to let the flat linotronic Mosgaz

Photos: Moscow 24/Catherine Shumeeva

Cases of fraud, where criminals under the guise of employees of Mosgaz offer to the citizens paid services associated with the repair and replacement of gas equipment recorded in the capital. About it reports Agency “Moscow” with reference to the press service of the Mosgaz.

“Posing as employees of the Mosgaz, the attackers carried out door-to-door and offer customers to purchase gas detectors, gas meters and all kinds of services related to the repair and replacement of gas equipment”, – stated in the message.

According to the head of Department on operation of intrahouse gas equipment Mosgaz Tatyana Kiseleva, the specialists of the company do not provide paid services.

“During rounds, the specialists of the company carried out a health check of gas appliances and, if necessary, solve problems, has been briefed on the rules of use of gas devices and gas in the home. However, no paid services professionals do not have”, – said Kiselyov.

She said, Mosgaz staff dressed in special clothes, have the certificate of the worker of the enterprise with a photo and hologram.

Earlier in the Mosgaz reminded of the importance to provide admission to the apartment of employees of gas facilities of Moscow for the annual maintenance of in-house gas equipment (vdgo) and intra gas equipment (UKHO), and to repair or replacement of gas equipment only by specialists.

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