since The days of the ongoing dispute of the Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro and his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron is further escalated. After Bolsonaro Macron and his wife had covered Brigitte with bad comments, has blown the French to counter-attack.

Bolsonaro had made on Sunday in a Facebook post in which a user of the online service about the appearance of Brigitte Macron moved here. The user Rodrigo Andreaca had in a post a unfavourable shooting of 66-Year-old next to a picture of the radiant 37-year-old wife asked for Bolsonaros. To this end, he wrote: “now do you Understand why Macron Bolsonaro harassed?” He bet that Macron was jealous of Bolsonaro. Brazil’s President set up a school organises a comment under the sexist Post. “Don’t humiliate the guy,” he wrote.

forest fires in the Amazon Nasty attack against Macrons wife: Bolsonaro occurs after a quarrel with France, according to AFP Macron hopes to quickly finish Bolsonaros

Macron turned himself in on Monday on the sidelines of the G7 summit, in front of his wife and attacked Bolsonaro sharp. “What can I tell you? This is sad, this is sad, but this is a sad first for him and the Brazilians.” The Brazilians were a “great people”, the probably of its President, ashamed, said Macron. He hoped that the Brazilians “would very quickly have” a head of state, “behaving appropriately”.

Shortly after these Statements Bolsonaro logged in to Twitter again to speak. “We can’t accept that a President, Macron, inappropriate and unjustified attacks against the Amazon departs,” he wrote. Macron treat the Region as a colony, again, Bolsonaro took a charge from Thursday. To respect the sovereignty of a country is in a “civilized world” but the least I can do.

Macron was announced because of the environmental policy Bolsonaros a Blockade of the free trade agreement with the South American economic bloc Mercosur. Already on Friday, the son of the ultra-right Brazilian heads of state, Eduardo Bolsonaro had shared on Twitter a Video of the “yellow West”protests in France, with the comment: “Macron is an Idiot.”

tensions ahead of the G7 summit “sensation greedy tone”: Bolsonaro attacked Macron because of the Amazon forest fires AFP

Jair Bolsonaro had them previously with a view to the fires any interference from abroad. That Macron at the G7 summit would like to speak to in the absence of the countries of the Amazon Region on the fires, reveal a “colonialist mentality”.

Bolsonaro immediately rejects the help of the G7 ab

In the environmentally sensitive Amazon region blaze currently, thousands of forest fires, especially in Brazil, is affected. The G7 countries said on Monday, around 20 million euros in immediate aid, with which fire-fighting aircraft, are to be financed. The Brazilian government does not want to accept the money. Bolsonaros chef de Cabinet Onyx Lorenzoni said the news portal “G1”, which should be used for 20 million dollars instead of the forests in Europe to reforest. The President’s office confirmed to the AFP news Agency that the refusal of emergency aid.

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