A week before the much-anticipated return of the British Parliament from the summer break, the Opposition in the fight against a No-Deal-Brexit switches a gear up.

Leading members of the opposition parties on Tuesday agreed on a common approach to leaving the EU without an agreement to avert. In a statement after the Meeting in London, it was said, Prime Minister Boris Johnson shy away from the use undemocratic means to a No-Deal-Brexit enforce. This must be urgently prevented.


First of all, wants to try the British Opposition, to stop a No-Deal-Brexit, through a legislative procedure. If that doesn’t work, it could go to the government of Prime Johnson with a vote of no confidence to the collar. When and how exactly the No-Deal-opponents of your Plan want to implement, but was initially unclear.

British Prime Brexit-Zoff: Johnson has no new proposals, but any amount of threats DPA

head of the Labour party, Jeremy Corbyn from advanced with the current shoulder-to-shoulder of his project, Johnson by a motion of censure to his Post, and transitional-to-be as the new Prime used. At least a piece: The motion of censure is not off the table. He should be the last resort, should not be able to stop the Alliance a disordered Brexit by a legislative procedure.

Corbyns proposal was to bring delay, 1), the government through a vote of no confidence to bring down, to form 2) under his leadership, a transitional government, 3) the Brexit, 4) hold elections, and 5) a new Brexit Referendum on the way. So he met with opposition from the other parties. In order to prevent leaving the EU without agreement, it is necessary that all the opposition to pull members together. In addition, you need the help of rebels from the government group.

“We agree that we will work together to prevent a No-Deal-Brexit by law,” wrote the MP Anna Soubry, who leads a group of Pro – European former Tory and labour members, on Tuesday via Twitter. In a vote of censure against the government remain on the table, reiterated the only green member of Parliament in the house of Commons, Caroline Lucas, in the BBC. To overthrow the government, is not without risk. Priority was, therefore, a legislative process, to Johnson to move the exit date at 31. To force October.

Johnson is threatening to No-Deal-Brexit

Johnson wants to undo the already-negotiated exit agreement with Brussels, in order to remove the so-called Backstop clause. The EU rejects the categorical and refers to the fact that this clause is intended to prevent between the British Northern Ireland and the EU Ireland border controls must be introduced. Brussels should not give in, will Johnson, that the UK leaves, if necessary, without a Deal from the EU.

At the G7 summit in the French Biarritz had told Johnson on Monday that he was “slightly more optimistic” that a minor EU emission is possible. The chances for a Deal would “depend exclusively” from the a willingness to compromise and the EU.


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