Cleaning of apartments and sale of amulets: what are the scammers in a pandemic coronavirus

the Attackers in Moscow began to masquerade as disinfectants

Muscovites in the TV channel Moscow 24 have shared stories about how attackers are trying to get to their money and property.

In particular, according to some media reports, fraudsters often have to pretend disinfectant. Under the guise of cleaning services they come to visit Moscow and offer “disinfection”.

the First Deputy head of the Council of the Timiryazevsky district Dmitry Bunakov stressed that experts are not cleaning tasks of homes.

“the employees of the management company, including the justices, processing rooms inside the apartment no. [The list of experts are entrances, hallways, stairwells, Briqueterie halls, elevators and buttons”, – said the Bunakov.

Muscovites are urged not to open doors to strangers who wish to disinfect the apartment. In addition, citizens on all questions can address to the dispatcher service of Moscow.

Muscovites Also told about cases of fraud related to the support of the business. So, I almost fell into the hands of cyber criminals, individual entrepreneur Irina Magomedov. She saw in the messenger information on the “Compensation Fund” which free of charge gives businesses 128 thousand rubles.

“Passed by reference, which it was proposed, it was written that you need to pay for the transfer 240 rubles and enter all credit card information its up to code on the reverse side, I translated”, – said Magomedov.

However, to take advantage of its data-able. According to Magomedova, she quickly recovered and blocked the card. Lawyer Maya Shevtsova reminded about safety precautions and said that the authorities never carry out the sending via messaging.

“do Not enter personal data on websites don’t share details of their personal cards, but if you already fell for the trick but everything was not rightICA, contact the police, write a statement in a call center,” said Shevtsova.

Also on the background of the pandemic coronavirus appeared on the Internet “healers” who offer quick and easy to get rid of the infection. Muscovite Vitaly Mironov, a specialist under the name MAG Valentin offered to cure the disease with the help of a selfie.

“I threw photographed with a fake mustache, and he wrote to me: “I’m going to treat, you need to lie down on the bed and within an hour don’t move.” I will not lay down, I then wrote: “in two hours you’ll be running,” – said Mironov.

Subsequently, he was treated in hospital for 16 days. Mironov joked that the reason for the failure of the Magician Valentine lies in the poor quality of the photos.

Experts point out that at the moment there is a real flourish of such kind of healers and magicians, who offer to recover from coronavirus by using amulets or energy protection. Muscovites urged to trust only qualified personnel and immediately contact them in case of appearance of the first signs of infection.

Earlier in Moscow found sites that sold the certificate for the free movement of capital. And Mosgaz warned about fraudsters who under the guise of gas sold to citizens of non-certified equipment.

In recent days in Moscow have discovered 697 cases of infection with coronavirus. In Russia in the past 24 hours registered the 1154 people who picked up the infection. Only on the territory of the Russian Federation recorded 7497 cases of infection COVID-19.

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