Galustyan has launched the challenge

Galustyan has launched the challenge “Me at home”

Mikhail Galustyan has launched a new initiative “Change the house”. The artist has published on his page in Instagram video where his children shave off his beard and mustache, and then he himself is taken for the trimmer.

After cutting Galustyan showed the end result.

Then the comedian handed over the baton to singer Alexander Revva, hockey player Alexander Ovechkin, leading Dmitry Nagiyev and his colleague Simon Slepakov.

Earlier, the Russian cultural figures have launched a flash mob #homeartchallenge. They called to tell excerpts from beloved works, or demonstrate the results of his work. The action has been joined by Ekaterina Volkova, Marina Alexandrova and Olga Kabo.

on March 29, Sergey Sobyanin imposed restrictions on movement in the capital for all citizens of the city. The apartment will be permitted to leave only for emergency medical help, shopping at the nearest store or pharmacy.

the people of Moscow are allowed to walk the dog, empty the trash or get to work. It is necessary to keep distance with other people in 1.5 meters. The same measures introduced in the suburbs, and then in other regions of Russia.

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